Custom Scripts for Cubase??

The Darris

Senior Member
Hello Everyone,

I'm just curious, are there people here or know of others out in the world who write custom scripts for Cubase? I know that @Rctec has mentioned in posts before that he has had some custom scripts written for him but I'm curious what options are available out there to those who aren't at the top?

For instance, I really would love to commission a project to create a script that will get Cubase to work in a compound meter so you can use practical tempo markings versus having to do the conversions. It would make going from DAW to Score much more fluid. That's just an example of what I would love to have. I know there are others out there who've done custom scripts for Logic and FL Studio, etc. I just don't hear about it too much for Cubase.

So, let me know what options are available, if any.



PS: I have zero interest in learning how to write scripts as I honestly don't have the time to learn code and then troubleshoot through the process of creating something of this magnitude. I'd much rather pay someone who does this professionally and support their skills. Thanks.