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Cubase vs logic... is hans zimmer right?


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Until a software developer reveals the inner process of an engine, we really have nothing to go on but speculations.

I will tip my hat and say it confounds me that Cubase appears to use more cpu then LPX, so the code is def not the same.

I’d like to think that good results are possible with either ...


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It seems that Logic has some kind of analog mixing desk simulation goin on. By pushing Gain (in the inspector on the left) saturation algo is in process.

I recently discovered this by sending somewhat low volume Cubase tracks to a friend for mixing and I expected from him to just add Gain - a pure gain like Pro Tools Clip Gain (Cubase has a similar thing). But being not experienced he used this gain feature in logic that made a mess.

Maybe Logic has a similar thing going active all the time on it's faders? - since they added saturation algo in the feature that should (and is) clean and pure in every other DAW. This is bad in my book - if I want saturation, I will choose algorithm I like and add it myself, but from DAW I expect pure math and headroom of the 32bit floating point.
wow, I was thinking im crazy..haha, i did some tests with kontakt, the same sound(strings or piano) does not sound the same in logic and cubase..in cubase its more open, cleaner, warmer..in logic it sounds kinda saturated....thanks god im not crazy..im a 10 y logic user and started using cubase 11 recently too...logic has much better workflow but to me cubase sounds much cleaner..regards


I have always thought that Cubase and Pro tools have a more HD sound to them (no scientific basis for this!) rather than logic and studio one. I don’t use Cubase. Or Pro tools my main DAW is Studio One. Take my views with a pince of salt etc
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