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Cubase & VE Pro - Taking AGES to load project


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I'm working on a project that I eventually needed to stem each track individually, so for whatever instrument I used in VE pro I have sent it to its own audio port in VE pro, and turned on its input port in Cubase. I guess I've hit some kind of limit as the project, which use to load 2min or so, now takes at least 20min to load! I'm not talking about loading VE pro, but simply opening my cubase project. Never experienced this before and literally all I've done vs my normal template is send instruments to individual audio ports.

Anyone have any tips on how to reduce these load times? I need to have the separated audio channels, but I dont mind limiting myself to say 16 audio channels per VE pro instance (currently at 32 channels) and spreading my current larger VEP instances across many small ones. But at the same time I dont want to go through all this work only to find that it did nothing for load times.

Any guidance would be appreciated.
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How many total tracks/patches/audio returns are we talking about?

20 mins surely sounds off.

Are you saying that those 20mins Cubase need from the moment VEP finished loading everything?

Are you on a single machine (pc or mac?) or master/slave setup?

What exactly is happening during loading? What does your loading windows show?

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