Cubase Track/VST Quick Controls


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In setting up a template for the first time, I'm looking to address all the workflow issues I would come across with the way I currently work. Right now, I'm looking at Cubase's Quick Controls and I have already set up a generic remote to control the transport as well as locator and marker navigation and retrospective recording. In addition, I'm using the standard unassigned MIDI CCs for the VST Quick Controls and the Track Quick Controls, but as for the Track Quick Controls,I noticed something.

Steinberg's included instruments (as well as lots of 3rd party's) have Track Quick Controls that automatically show up assigned to parameters in the Inspector and are identical to the same parameters in the VST Quick Controls. So if I move my knobs that are assigned to the VST quick Controls, they both react and vise versa with the Faders I have assigned to the Track Quick Controls.

Is this supposed to be like this?