Cubase Prefs/KeyCommands/Presets sync between machines?


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Hi Folks,

I'm in the process of learning Cubase, and am spending a lot of time customising the program with preferences and key commands at the moment, though I can see this extending to the Logical Editor and beyond pretty soon.

I have my main rig at my studio, then also a laptop where I often mess about at home. I would really love it if a change I made on one machine could be implemented on the other without having to copy a ton of xml files back and forth; I can see myself getting into some serious user error at some point!

I've heard of people using dropbox or similar to synchronise a preference file or two between machines with Logic, but with all the different layers of settings and presets in Cubase I'm wondering if anyone else has already found and is using a reliable way to make this happen?

Tips gratefully received,

D :)


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I tried it with dropbox, and it seemed to work for a little bit but then strange things started happening. Some background. I have two rigs, both with the same plugins and samples. I tried my best to make them identical in every way. I also use cubase ic pro with an iPad.

Anyway, I did this for a while and it was working fine, but then I started losing cutomizations on one or another machine. Things like controller lane presets and logical editor track view presets that I set up on one machine, would get wiped on the other machine, and overall it just seemed to create problems for me. I never had the time to dedicate to figuring out why either so I just stopped.

What I did discover was that certain xmls get updated automatically every time you launch cubase, and while I can't prove it, I suspect those ones can't be shared. The best way to do it is find out which xmls you actually NEED to share and just mirror those with dropbox.

I'd really like to sort those one out though it would save lots of headache. Let us know if you make any progress.

Heck I might even be willing to run a few tests with you if you want. Two people over skype trying things out with a shared dropbox would probably get to the bottom of this issue faster than having to travel back and forth to verify stuff. PM me if you're interested.


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Hi Benatural,

Wow that would be great, I'll drop you a PM. Looks like there are a ton of different XML files in the Cubase application support folder, so figuring out which ones to sync would make a lot of sense.