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Cubase/Nuendo PlugIns Insert Issues


I have a dream 🎬
Hi there,

I am hoping someone here will recognise this problem and be able to help. In which case I thank you in advance :)

I have recently installed Waves, iZotope, Lexicon and some other plugins. However, when I select any of the plugins for these, it is not displayed in the Inserts cell. I can see the plugins in the drop down list but when selected the plugin simply isn't displayed either in Project window or MixConsole (or any other window).
I have gone in to the PlugIn Manager and carried out a refresh a couple of times, but this makes no difference. The PlugIn Manager window is correctly displaying all of the plugins I have installed, and none of these have been Blacklisted.
Steinberg's plugins do work, as do SoundToys and Vienna (VSL).

I have since re-installed Nuendo and all of the plugins, but this has made no difference.

So does anyone have any ideas as to what is going wrong here?
I need to finish a mix in the next few days, so as you can imagine this is fast becoming an issue and very very frustrating.

Many thanks in advance,
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