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Cubase - my Alt functions stopped working?


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Im sure its a setting but havent been able to find anything yet. Basically all my alt functions such as "change the routing of all selected channels" has ceased to work. normally I would just shift + alt and change the routing.

Also Im on PC if that makes a difference

Jeremy Gillam

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Have you tried rebooting? I've been getting some strange behavior in Windows 10 in Photoshop where it thinks I'm pressing alt when I'm not, e.g will give me and alt+control keyboard shortcut when I'm only holding control. Restarting the apps fixes it.


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Yeah I've had this issue for a couple days now, shutting off every night. It seems to be only that function though, for example holding Alt gives me the draw tool still

ed buller

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go to key commands and re-load your preset. You can also check here wether the key command actually does anything


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