Cubase- move plugin window to another monitor with key command?

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  1. MinorMajor7

    MinorMajor7 Daniel Stockdale

    Hi all,

    I'm on Windows 10 and Cubase 10. Is there a way to move a plugin GUI window to another monitor with a single key command? I know normally on Windows you can use Windows-Shift-Right/Left to bounce a window between monitors. However, this is not working with pop up plugin windows. Any advice?
  2. greggybud

    greggybud Member

    Oct 12, 2016
    None that I know of.

    The closest thing I can think of is taking advantage of Cubase Workspaces and assigning KC's to them. For myself, this is very handy with VST GUIs. With a KC assigned to a workspace, I can see every or any VST GUI insert on any given channel. Of course you initially have to set up the GUI's to show the way you want them to appear, but once they are set, it just takes a KC press. Workspaces have improved gradually over the versions.
  3. fish_hoof

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    I’d have to check, but i believe if you go to a given track, open a VST and place it in the window you want, then close it and disable the track. Then every time after you re-enable and use a created KC to open the VST, it will open in that window. Although, i think what you may be asking is if you can move a VST to a seperate window with key switches regardless of where it opens. Correct? If thats the case, not sure it can be done but would also like to know. #wasn’tmuchhelp
  4. lucor

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    Nov 19, 2013
    Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean exactly and how to do this? Do you mean you press the key command and then the currently opened Kontakt instance GUI moves to the place you want? I tried workspaces before, but it seemed to only remember the exact Kontakt window you had open at that time.

    The way Cubase handles windows is by far still my biggest gripe with it. I'm constantly moving Kontakt windows around because they open all over the place, sometimes with a big chunk not even on the screen but cut off.
  5. greggybud

    greggybud Member

    Oct 12, 2016
    Workspaces is used in different ways for different situations. Here is 2 ways how I use it for myself. I use 3 34-inch LG displays.

    1. Focus a track that has for example 5 VST inserts on it. Often times, I want to open the GUI for all 5 inserts. Click on 5 inserts to open the GUI and they open in random places all over your screen. Move the GUI's to a screen or area where you would like them to show up in the future. I move them to my 3rd monitor, then arrange them from top to bottom in order of signal processing. So once you have all 5 GUI's in order looking nice and neat, open workspaces. Make sure you go to the lower section of workspaces that is for the project and NOT the global settings. Assign the workspace a name and save it. Close the workspace. Make sure when you close the workspace that the layout goes back to your "normal" template.

    The next time you wish to see all 5 inserts on that channel, no need to click on all 5 inserts, just go to workspaces, open the workspace you saved prior, and it shows your configuration you saved. If you only want to see 1 GUI on that channel, don't use a worksapce, just click on the insert, and since you have arranged it already, it will show up in the exact place you saved the workspace.

    This is useful if there are lots of inserts on many tracks. For example create separate workspaces to show the bass track, vocals, groups, etc. Then with a KC assigned to a "bass workspace", you can instantly view your bass inserts on different tracks. Assign another KC for "vocals" to see the insert vocals etc.

    2. I'm guessing this is the more common use. By default, my left display contains mix console 1. The middle display (set up by a common feature with LG) is a split screen. Half of the split screen is the project page, the other half is mix console 2. The 3rd screen is mix console 3. You can link or unlink these mix consoles plus link or unlink with the project page. Combining this with track configurations offers great flexibility.

    However sometimes in my stage of writing I'm very focused on the key edit window and don't care so much about the mix consoles. Or maybe I'm focused on the drum edit window. So with Workspaces, I set my project page to the left display, the key edit page in the middle, and I reserve the right screen for whatever VST's and VSTI's that I want to see. However when saving Workspaces, I save this as a global workspace since I use this one often on multiple projects.

    Anyway, this is one convoluted way you could actually move VST's to any area of your multiple or single screen. Save them as workspaces, then recall them to move them.
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  6. OP

    MinorMajor7 Daniel Stockdale

    Hey guys,
    I found a solution for what I was trying to achieve. The application Display Fusion allows you to assign key commands on Windows for pretty much anything you want do with your monitor/app windows. I now have a key command the automatically grabs the plugin window and snaps it to a specific spot on one of my monitors.
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