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Hi Guys,

New to Cubase.

Assumed that once you've set up your 'Main Output' using your audio interface (Stereo), you could monitor imported audio files.

It seems to me that I have to change my output.
VST Connections - Studio - (Bus) Monitor - Device Port.

When I do this, it removes the outputs from my Main Output, so therefore I can't play back audio from my session unless i change it back again in VST Connections.

This does not seems correct, every other DAW has allowed me to preview files and import them without changing the signal routing to my audio interface.

Please help

C :)


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Can I suggest, that whatever your set up, no matter how simple, you use Control Room. The main reason is this. First you get a master fader that you can push up and down without effecting your mix. Secondly you get two buttons for when your composing rather than mixing. One is called Dim and is for when the girlfriend brings in the tea and want's to talk, the second is a 'day to day' type level for comfort listening, rather than mixing mastering listening.

Setting up is a little weird, (outputs are intentionaly left blank), so Youtube it



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Raising the thread from the dead ;)

I set the output of my interface to a nominal 85 dBFS when composing and mixing and don't touch it. When I need to 'dim' the monitors, i simply lower the interface output gain (via a big knob). And vice versa for when bringing the gain to my nominal room level.
Currently I'm not utilising the Cubase Control Room, however will do in future projects.

This thread was due to my previous experience with another DAW, that utilise an inbuilt monitor > which outputs to the same I/O on your interface. Thought Cubase would have the same feature.
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