Cubase: MixConsole channel visibility configurations


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Is there someone out there that has been able to get this to work properly? I just spent over an hour arranging my template into different mixer views and was pretty happy with the result until I found that if I later add a track, then that track is visible in ALL configurations. Which means that after adding the track, I have to remove it from all configurations to which it doesn't belong. Pardon me, but that seems idiotic and also renders the feature pretty much useless, assuming its intended use is not something else (such as intended for mixing only, but even then it seems iffy at best).

Running with said assumption, what was Steinberg's thinking (or lack thereof) here? Having been a Cubase user for over 10 years, I am very familiar with their apparent unwillingness to listen to users and fix bugs (unless you're in the same league as Mr. Zimmer of course), but this feature has the potential of being extremely useful and time saving, especially in projects with hundreds of tracks or more, so it would seem prudent to fix it.

Am I an idiot for (still) assuming it would work this way, or is Steinberg being Steinberg yet again, i.e. favoring new features and 0.5 version bumps over existing bugs? A search on the web reveals that a lot of people have given up on this feature, but since I desperately want it to work, I thought I'd throw out a Hail Mary and ignore the fact that I've seen reports about this issue dating as far back as 2016.

And yes, Steinberg must be well aware of this issue, as their own forum have quite a few complaints about it, but they have, as far as I can tell, yet to even acknowledge it, nor have they explained why it works the way it does in its current state (nor does the manual). That pisses me off.

Version: Cubase Pro 9.5.50.