Cubase Media Bay Issue


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Hi Guys,

Just moved over to Cubase Pro 8.5.

Having trouble locating audio files on my system and importing them into my sessions.

Believe 'Media Bay' is the method to use however when I enter media, no audio files show. I located appropriate folders, and yet still no audio files show within that folder (even though there is clearly audio .wav files in there)

Anyone have this issue or know of a fix. Or if you recommended a better way to import / preview audio files?



I generally use the Pool Window for this. In Cubase:

1. Media -> Open Pool Window
2. In the bottom portion of the Pool Window, select a location from the Location drop-down menu (e.g. "Select search path...").
3. Click "Search" - Note: Cubase will recursively search for all audio files starting from the folder selected above.
4. When the window is populated, preview and drag desired files to project (or Audio folder in Pool Window).

Markus Kohlprath

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But you can drag and drop any audio or midi file from your finder or explorer directly into your project. Less complicated for me. I never use the media bay.


I mentioned the Pool Window, as that is what I commonly use.

It is also possible to use the Media Bay, it just requires a little more setup, e.g.:

1. Select 'Local Hard Disks' in the Locations section
2. Select what Hard Disks/folders you'd like included in the search in the left-hand 'Define Locations' pane
3. Specify the desired filters in the 'Results' pane (e.g. to filter only 'Audio Files', 'MIDI Files', etc.)

I agree that dragging files from Finder/Explorer is simpler -- but it is also potentially less useful in that it doesn't allow one to easily audition many files in context of the current project/section before making a selection (neither does the Pool Window).

This may be accomplished in the Media Bay by selecting the 'Align Beats to Project' icon in the Previewer pane, in which case files selected in the Results pane are beat-mapped/timestreched for preview in time with the rest of the project.

Horses for courses (!).


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Have you tried - open media bay (F5 on PC).
On left side, define locations, find your audio folder.
tick the box on left side. This will scan the folder(s) ticked/selected.
You can also right click on the folder and refresh/rescan.
All audio files should then show on the right side of browser.