Cubase - make Key Editor show position of cursor by default


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In Cubase, when a MIDI region is selected with the key editor open, the key editor takes you to the region's start -- not the current cursor position. I don't want auto-scroll on, but I would like to see the cursor-position of whatever region I am looking at.

The only workaround I have found for this has been to program a macro that opens the key editor and clicks the auto-scroll button twice. However, this still means I have to press a key every time I select a region...

I've been through heaps of antiquated Steinberg threads and it seems this was an issue that arose in v4 and hasn't been addressed by developers since. I'm on Cubase 8.5 now but would be willing to upgrade if it was found that this feature has since been fixed in a later version.

Any help appreciated!


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If I understand you correctly, no it has not. You mean midi/audio part focused in the project page?

If you click on a midi/audio part in the project page, then open the key editor, the key/drum/sample editors window start wherever the beginning of the midi part starts in the project page instead of it being focused around the cursor.

But thanks for the macro idea.:)

Could you post any links to those antiquated threads? Were there any other work-arounds? Did someone say "this is the intended behavior?" I'm just curious about other replies. I agree, it seems like at the very least this should be an option, and with increasing focus on workflow, coherency, etc maybe it's time it be reviewed again?

leon chevalier

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I press twice very quickly the space bar to bring back the view at the cursor position. That play/stop do the trick. Now I'm used to do that it does not bother me. But it's not the greatest solution...


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So I'm not the only one!! I often have midi regions that are vert long, and the described behavior is indeed quite frustrating. I would love for Steinberg to extend user possibilities here! And thanks for the above mentioned solutions!