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Cubase Macro/PLE Wizard, I challenge you !


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Hi !

I'm generally quite comfortable with Cubase macros, Project Logical Editors and all the goodies, but this one is giving me a hard time...

What I would like to do is to find a way to copy a track volume information to the two following tracks (actually, those are instrument tracks with 3 outputs, so the goal is to copy the volume of Output 1 to Output 2 and 3). In my workflow, it would mean something like finding a good balance for the track using Output 1, then press the Macro and have Outputs 2 and 3 match the volume.

What I would like to avoid :
- Having to write "useless" automation (it's quite easy to make a macro copy automation points to the two following tracks)
- Grouping tracks together (it would make my life easier but as I am working with a disabled template, Cubase doesn't remember the group numbers... and messes everything up if you already have groups or VCA's in your project when enabling your track).

I also know it would be easier to balance everything with CC7, but the truth is I have to freeze an awful lot of tracks in my projects (Hello Berlin Brass :whistling:), so the balancing process is something I need to be able to do with frozen tracks. All these outputs are then routed to a big complicated Group/VCA Matrix which is basically allowing me to balance everything either by microphone position, library or instrument section.

Thank you SO MUCH if you have a solution for this !
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