Cubase Logical Editor - Convert CC1 to CC11


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I'm trying to get my head around the Logical editor. I have used the presets. But now I want to build my own one. I want to convert my CC1 data from a MIDI Event and copy it across to CC11.

Anyone know what parameters I need to put in the Logical Editor patch to achieve this?

So far I have

Type is a Controller, and if the condition is Equal to Controller 1 (under Parameter 1)

But I can't quite figure out the right settings for the Action.

I see there is value, so I can set value 2 to value 1. Should I be using that. So that it takes Value 1 (being CC1 data), and then add that to Value 2? Getting little bit confused with my boolean sums, and the correct terminology.

Thanks for any help.

Markus Kohlprath

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I do this everyday with one key command. Did set it up and forgot about it. So I have to take a look in the studio and see how I made it which I cannot do right now. I will post tomorrow the setup unless somebody else does it in the meantime.


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I’ve got this setup plus a few others using metagrid. The above link is the correct sum (I guess you could call it that). But I could always share the other ones I’ve got? These can also be found on YouTube.

Markus Kohlprath

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So this is how the logical editor looks like copying cc1 to 11. In german unfortunately but I hope it helps. Probably you found out how to do it in the meantime anyway.