Cubase Expression Map Problem and semi-solution


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Hi there,

so I experience a bug when working with Expression Maps, and i'll try to explain how it occurs:

I set up multiple instances of SCS in one instance of kontakt.
Everything works fine with the first instance of SCS where it's just an output trigger that triggers the articulations.
I does not work fine with the second instance of SCS which is trigger throug output trigger + channel.

What happens is, that if I stop the playback, the articulation that was active gets stuck. But only when I stop the playback, NOT if I jump back little in the session without stopping.

One solution if found to deal with that is to setup a soundslot without an articulation that just triggers all of the keyswitches of the second instance of SCS. That soundslot needs to be at the top of all.

However, it doesn't work with the THIRD instance if you want to set one up, which I do.
Has anyone dealt with this problem?

Hope I managed to explain the problem proberly, and maybe finds my "semi fix" useful.