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Cubase Elements for Mobile Rig?


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I'm toying with the idea of grabbing a copy of Cubase Elements to run on my laptop, so I can sketch out tracks while on the move.

My plan is to begin projects in Elements, then develop and complete them when I get to my studio running the Cubase Pro. The main reason being I don't want to keep moving my dongle around, knowing me I'm likely to lose it within a day or so :)

Do any of you guys already do this, if you do are there any issues or unexpected limitations you've come across when working between the two versions?

Guillermo Navarrete

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I do this specially when taking my laptop to the rehearsing studio, you can import projects from Cubase Elements 9 into Cubase Pro 9 without a problem, you might have problems the other way around as there are some settings/features and plug-ins that the Elements version do not have, but in most cases you will only receive a warning.

If you don't plan to do any complicated routings you will be fine.

Different topic, yes, the Artist version requires a dongle so that will not work for you, in this case.

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I second this. I also got the FabFilter plugins so I would have some plugins that didn't require dongles. I also installed Omnisphere and Albion directly onto my hard drive, since they don't require dongles. It's kind of hilarious how I do the great bulk of my work on my laptop now, just because it's way more convenient.
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