Cubase and Lemur - show tracks with data - open midi folders - leave audio collapsed


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I'm trying to setup my Lemur to have a button do the following:

- Show tracks with data
- Open the folder where tracks with data exists
- Leave VST instruments and audio folders/tracks closed/collapsed

I assume this is possible with using macros - and I tried this:
- Created a "Open folder" command in Project Logical Editor: if container is folder track AND media is midi - then open folder

I get the midi part of this to work. Tracks with data is shown, folder opens and empty tracks are hidden. But all of my audio folder also opens..

I'm planning to use this command to narrow down my visible tracks when composing, so audio folders/tracks does not need to show. Any idea on a macro that would work?

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Just realized, I forgot to save my Project Editor preset. I thought "Apply" saved the preset. Now it works like intended :)