Cubase 9.5 (Win) - Exported Midi Clicks Not in Sync with Audio Clicks ? Unbelievable - Please Help



maybe somebody of you had the same Problem with a solution? I have attached the problematic Cubase project here...

I composed in Cubase 9.5 (win) and would like to export a Midi Tempo File for the Orchestral Session (Pro Tools Recording).
Later on, I need Nuendo to be perfectly In Sync with Pro Tools at the mixing stage so both daws should at least have the exact same tempo, timecode etc.

When I export the long Midi Click (about 1,5hours) (at 960 high resolution) and import it back again in the same cubase project at the end, I would expect that the imported Midi Click should be perfectly in sync with the already rendered audio click.

Thats not the case :(( - they are different at the end by a few milliseconds (analysing the waveform sync points at the end).

I really have no Idea. Is it my setup, does Nuendo Export a better midi tempo File ?
Is this a bug ? Shouldn't they align perfectly ?

This is really confusing and kind of problematic with my current deadlines. Can anyone help or has anyone experienced this ?



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