Cubase 9.5 Not Quitting?

Discussion in 'Your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)' started by Prockamanisc, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Kony

    Kony Bad ape

    Jul 29, 2016
    Still going on about cars and hills, Carles? You sound very angry by the way, probably about the Cubase issues you're having and I sincerely empathise with you - but taking it out on me isn't going to help....
    So I'm going to ignore your insults - and (deliberately?) misconstruing my words/statements (but calling me a fanboy for saying Cubase is working okay for me, really???) - and offer some advice instead.

    1 Have you checked the registry for any issues (don't ask me what you should be looking for, it'll have to be researched independently or referenced to Steinberg)?
    2 Have you tried a clean install with nothing else on the PC except Cubase and plug-ins? This probably won't get around registry issues though so registry would be the best first place to check/fix.
    3 Have you installed the latest Kontakt and are you on the latest Cubase update?
    4 You mentioned that Cubase started to play up after you installed Kontakt plug-ins - have you tried to isolate if a particular plug-in, or Kontakt itself, might be causing the shut down delay?
    5 Are you running Cubase as administrator?
    6 What version of Windows are you on and have you run a compatibility test?
    7 Are you using identical graphics cards on both PCs and would it be causing any issues?
    8 How old are the plug-ins you're using?
    9 Have you updated graphics drivers and disabled any sort of virtual desktop or otherwise possible disruptive visual tools?
    10 On a Cubase-related note, have you compared closing times for Cubase with ASIO Guard enabled, and then also disabled?
    11 Have you tried disabling Steinberg Hub?
    12 What anti-virus are you using?

    I'm guessing you've tried all of the above since you've spent hours/years trying to fix the problem.

    The fact you mentioned earlier issues with malware is disconcerting. I would never use a DAW PC for buggy web-browsing.... I'm a little surprised that you're using your DAW PC for "whatever" and expect it to behave perfectly. My advice would be to never install third-party freeware/spyware on a DAW PC....

    I'm going to repeat that Cubase is working fine over here - and I do that again (for the third time) in order to try to help people complaining here to also look outside of Cubase for any issues affecting performance. It's low that you could think that I posted that earlier in order to selfishly show-off.... Seriously, really low. What you did is take a harmless comment and assigned a negative connotation to it. I'll keep posting on this forum if I think it can help people though, despite some people trying to read negatives where there are none. The rather simple point I had to repeat at the outset was that, if Cubase works fine for me but not for you, how can it be Cubase - it's the same code we're both using...?

    The point you're making about Steinberg not caring is invalid. As you have experience with beta-testing, you will know that if the problem can't be replicated, then it can't be fixed. I'm fairly confident that the devs might be scratching their heads saying "what the hell are these people on about, it closes first time for us" ... probably on their clean PCs too I might add. I know from experience that devs might also say "we have no control over how people use their PCs, what other software they have installed affecting performance, or what dodgy website they might be visiting". Or are you saying that Cubase devs know about the problem, that it's affecting them and they are ignoring it? You make the point about business interests - do you honestly think Steinberg would deliberately peev off it's customer-base in the interests of looking for profits elsewhere? I'd agree with you if Steinberg had sold an update to fix this problem. Have they?
  2. Carles

    Carles Senior Member

    OMG. I'm still waiting for a logical response to a so simplistic analogy but you cannot (I cannot go more minimal than that).
    You have to understand that I cannot have clue about who's behind a short non descriptive nickname with no picture. In your first answers (and no later) you could perfectly be a 15 y.o. kid coming with short explanations with no further reasoning than his own flawless experience and his satisfaction with Steniberg (no, please, I'm not calling you kid minded or anything alike, just what I can see from the other side in base of very little info from you by then, merely as a possibility. I'm out the thread now, but if you are going to quote me, please use my whole paragraph and my very same words as I did with you). Certainly you won't convince me and I won't convince you, this just erodes our relationship. No more cars, hills and hospitals please. At his point as I won't answer after this, I'd prefer to leave it with a handshake.

    I'm more than angry disappointed and feeling bad because all the time I've wasted on this. No, I'm not taking it with you. I could otherwise say exactly the same about you. In fact you're distorting my words and even accusing me to do exactly that. I'm not taking it as an insult tough, just inaccurate.

    That's exactly what you are doing with this very same words.
    I've been sincere enough with you as per telling what I -thought- about you -before- any further explanation by your side and you are now using a re-interpreted version of this against me. If you don't take these words out of context/pruning/replacing you can read:
    "You've offered more elaborated answers after. But until then, (apologies) you've looked to me like a blind Steinberg fanboy based solely on your point of view ("self centred") like negating other possibilities sustematically. Again apologies."
    Can you read "apologies" in advance?, and talking about a previous time using the word "looked" (is this a past tense right?) and again "apologies" at the end? Is this actually a honest description about how I -saw- you first? or is it a current insult? could I call what you have just done just a few lines above (and below) with my words "misconstruing my words/statements"?

    I think there is no much to check in the registry of a machine with a fresh OS and nothing else. But I'm open to suggestions.

    Yes, that was answered before when talking about my new machine. All was installed from scratch.

    On the old machine did try several Kontakt versions including the latest by then (the biggest amount of time invested was on the older machine). In the new machine Kontakt was the latest when installed (was a clean install with all installers just downloaded by then) as it is the latest also currently (as it is always the latest just when the previous updates were installed, logically).

    Kontakt was the first plugin installed before reverbs/limiter.
    I do not use many plugins anyway, just one or two of reverbs and a limiter (and EQ on some instruments). More lately I'm using also a high freq exciter. Not last year when the deeper attempt to make it working (got additional problems by then, clicks getting rendered. That was a true nightmare). When the fresh install in the new machine as described before where not plugins installed before Kontakt.


    In the older machine Win7 and Win10. In the newer only Win10.
    On the older machine, I did run a kind of "utilities pack" (cannot recall the name) quite used at that time to check problems with the by then just released Win10 and audio issues (by then I was still on Win7. After installing 10 (once Steinberg confirmed compatibility) did run the checks batch again on Win10) Those tools were distributed by some vendor (don't recall, let's say Avid or whatever, perhaps Steinberg too) but I think were hosted or redistributed in several places and linked from here (VIC) among other forums. That batch or pack whatever was pretty comprehensive. From energy saving plans to USB issues, if I recall well also specific ASIO response, drives speed, AV exceptions, Admin permissions etc. Man, I did try whatever it might be related based on many Internet searches.

    No, different. They are two completely different computers. In the older did try 2 different cards (both with Nvidia chipsets though). By then also deactivated/uninstalled everything video related (specially any gaming "enhancements") except the driver itself. Also tried with no drivers from Nvidia but Microsoft generic.

    Could not tell in the older machine but in the new one all were just downloaded (in order to be able to install them as I didn't keep a hard copy of the installers themselves but found just more practical to download them fresh also making sure that they are the latest)

    All sort of driver versions. I don't like to have remote doors to my computer (that I can be aware of) so not using Virtual Desktop or alike.

    Didn't measure times (for for sure always quite long, unless killed from Task Manager). I did run all sort of ASIO guard settings (levels of it, from none to full) when trying to remove the clicks, but honestly I don't recall this affecting closing times (unfortunately no settings solved the clicks issues I had by then)

    Never liked Steinberg Hub. Not enabled.

    in the old machine a combination of Windows built in for viruses, and MalwareBites for malware. In the new machine Avast (got blue screen issues with Malwarebites).

    I don't know what you mean. I think I left clear that I'd use "selfish" if would want to say other than "self-centred". Take it as you wish. I've already explained that it was not my intention. You can distort it as much as you wish, but I haven't say that. Just read again from a less defensive/sensible point of view please and you'll understand me better.

    Okay, enough of analogies. Same code on different hardware. My computers both meet the Cubase requirements list. Let's blame on the moonlight please ;) I've got enough of this. Congrats, it's running fine to you. Pity, is not running fine to me.

    You said that, not me. I just say that is more profitable selling features than fixing issues affecting a minority. No conspiracy or shadowy interests. I even said that I understand them perfectly. The above is your version, not mine. Please re-read.

    So, I'm out of this thread now. It will be much better for me, for you and for Steinberg like this ;)
    I hope we can have better dialog on other threads, apologies if have offended you and thanks for the English tips and for your time trying to find a constructive solution listing possible issues. Not working for me but is not wasted time I think, perhaps one of your points may help other users (I hope so).

    See you around.
  3. Kony

    Kony Bad ape

    Jul 29, 2016
    I'm unsure why you stayed this long since you said there was no point to this thread on page 1. But, for the record, you don't get a "pass" to insult someone by book-ending it with apologies, regardless of what tense it's in. You're saying "sorry, you've looked to me like a blind Steinberg fanboy based solely on your point of view (self centred) like negating other possibilities systematically. Sorry". I'm disappointed you can't see how wrong that is.
    Why should that matter, and if you have no clue, why jump to conclusions when you don't have enough information to know? Having said that, there was enough information to work out it wasn't a fifteen-year-old posting.
    The result is the same anyway, regardless of how old the messenger is - cubase is working well, whether it's for a fifteen-year-old or a fifty-year-old.
    No you didn't - you took sentences out of context, such as: "cubase is working fine for me", and left out the next part indicating since it's working for some people (read majority), but not for others, perhaps there's something else affecting cubase. I wrote that well before you aimed your first negative post at me, and you then went on to say I sounded like a fanboy. In hindsight, it really sounds like you were venting your frustration about cubase not working well for you - and I take no pleasure in saying that.

    You have shifted the goalposts a few times. You provided an analogy, I addressed it, you later went on to say what you thought the analogy means, and now you say you're
    Even if you are, why are you? What possible purpose can another response about your analogy make to your cubase problem? You make it sound like the analogy holds the key. Or are you trying to convince me that cubase can't be working okay for me like I say it is? I came into this thread with positive intentions - you know, spread some knowledge to try and help, and I cop some vituperous angst from one combative user in particular. Lesson learned!
    By the way, you also don't get to assign new meaning to words in the English language. Calling someone selfish is not a good thing so it's not okay to say
    Both terms are negative - calling someone either self-centred or selfish is an insult.

    Perhaps you might have constructively offered the information on what you did first, without having to be asked, in order to try to maybe help others (I hope so).
    Apology accepted, and you're welcome.
    I hope not
  4. stixman

    stixman Active Member

    Apr 27, 2014
    All finished now I hope
  5. agarner32

    agarner32 Active Member

    Nov 7, 2015
    This thread is about a month old, but I seemed to have solved the quitting Cubase issue for my setup. It may not work for others. For a long time I've always had to force quit Cubase on my Mac, but I just discovered that if I first close the project and then quit Cubase it seems to works fine - knock on wood. I'm using an iMac, Cubase 9.5 and VEP 6 on a slave PC. So far it's been quitting just fine.
  6. Grizzlymv

    Grizzlymv Active Member

    Apr 12, 2016
    Same here. Although for some reasons, if the project was quite large, even if closed, Cubase will take longer to close too. Either way, at least I'm able (with patience) to close it "gracefully".
  7. agarner32

    agarner32 Active Member

    Nov 7, 2015
    Same thing happens to me as well and I’m working decoupled in VEP. And also, it seems to take more time if the project has been open for a few hours or more. Anyway, at least I can quit gracefully now.
  8. Eptesicus

    Eptesicus Senior Member

    Jan 8, 2017
    Started having this issue now with Cubase 8.5.30 on a fresh windows install.

    Things i have noticed -

    It appears to be a Kontakt issue (have only had it do it when i have loads of symphobia stuff loaded in Kontakt)

    The more i PLAY the track (i have tested this by leaving a track looped for 30 mins) the longer it takes to close. If i load and close the project straight away, it closes quickly

    When it does "hang" on close, resource monitor shows Cubase using 1 single thread at 100% and it says it is waiting for one thread.

    It is very annoying.
  9. newwest

    newwest New Member

    Jun 3, 2011
    Going to resurrect this old thread! I'm on Cubase 10 on an older Mac Pro, most of my instruments are hosted on a Slave PC running 4 instances of VEP6. Got a lot of bussing for stems and verbs, so the template is quite large. It takes me 2 minutes and change to close a file. Frustrating for sure when I want to bounce back and forth between cues. It's not Play, and this is without Kontakt being loaded within Cubase itself. Any ideas? Thanks all!
  10. jonathanwright

    jonathanwright Senior Member

    Jul 7, 2011
    I recently moved over to using SSD external drives only, with a Blackmagic thunderbolt dock.

    It appears to have reduced closing issues with Cubase (Logic is fine) considerably, although it can still take a minute or two to quit. At least I'm not getting the spinning beachball forever now.
  11. Henu

    Henu Senior Member

    Nov 17, 2017
    I've been enjoying this "feature" for a long time and what I can confirm that....

    - It doesn't matter if you run stuff from SSD's only. Happens on all disks.

    - Closing the project instead of quitting Cubase works better than just quitting Cubase. In many cases Cubase actually starts to respond in 2-10 minutes instead of freezing for an hour when you just quit it.

    - The more RAM your project uses, the more it seems to cause instability on quitting. It seems that the RAM doesn't get "released" properly at closing, which clearly is an indicator of bad coding either on Cubase's of Kontakt's/Play's part. Check out your RAM usage when you close the project: there's a fat chance that you will find at least 50-60% consumption still five minutes after closing the project/ quitting Cubase.

    - At some point, you just learn to live with it. :D
  12. AlexanderSchiborr

    AlexanderSchiborr Senior Member

    May 1, 2014
    Yeah, I have that too with bigger projects so I started developing a zero tolerance in that regards:

    1. ctrl+Alt+del

    2. Searching for the cubase.exe and forcing it to shut down.
  13. Henu

    Henu Senior Member

    Nov 17, 2017
    Works as well, which is what usually happens if a) hurry or b) nothing happens for 15+ minutes.

    However, it forgets your last additions to recent projects which can be a bit nuisance when working with various versions. And I'm still a bit paranoid about project files getting possibly corrupted when killing the host which is still holding the project file as a hostage.
  14. jonathanwright

    jonathanwright Senior Member

    Jul 7, 2011
    When I have to force quit it also forgets and any changes I’ve made to preferences, such as colours and the plugin manager.

    Saying that, it also forgets my preferences when I use a preset, it always reverts to the previous one, even if I quit normally.
  15. YaniDee

    YaniDee Active Member

    Dec 3, 2017
    I use Cubase 7.5 (32&64) and 8.5 64, and they all do it. Yes, I usually have several tracks using Kontakt.
    To exit, I close the project, select "close" a couple more times, (even though the project is gone), then select Quit....and cross my fingers!
  16. JamieLang

    JamieLang Member

    Jul 27, 2018
    What scale is the Cubase RAM useage when this problem occurs? Are we talking about you have 12gb committed or 96gb in some kind of huge orchstral template having to stream from magnetics(thus the bigger ram buffers)?

    I, curious becuase aife never seen this in Cubase6....and Im demoing 10 right now....Id like to see if I can recreate this.
  17. novaburst

    novaburst Senior Member

    Dec 21, 2015
    This shutting down issue has been with Cubase since Cubase 5, the same complaints were made on the Cubase forum,

    Which brings me to wonder what exactly are developers doing with these latest versions apart from some very nice short cuts in the latest versions nothing has changed.

    Seems todays latest version are all about eye candy, but the developers do not address the greatest underline issue stability and a bug free software.

    They bring out version after version leaving the previous versions full of unaddressed bugs and instability

    Some of the latest versions are laughable to say the least

    Definitely now and the future is not tricks and gimmicks and eye candy in the latest versions of software the challenge must be for stability and a bug free software.
  18. jonathanwright

    jonathanwright Senior Member

    Jul 7, 2011
    I have the issue with a huge project and with a completely empty project.
  19. JamieLang

    JamieLang Member

    Jul 27, 2018
    I wouldn't bother with a less than stable app. It's astounding what some people put up with. That said...while I've had recent versions be hella unstable on OSX, it's always worked well on Windows XP,7, 10...and USED to work great on OSX, too. It's only been since the 10.9 treadmill started that the Cubase versions have gotten sketchy enough that I just use Logic for MIDI when I have to do it on the MacBook.
  20. jonathanwright

    jonathanwright Senior Member

    Jul 7, 2011
    I agree. Unfortunately Cubase is my third go-to choice as a DAW now.

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