Cubase 9.5 Not Quitting?

Discussion in 'Your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)' started by Prockamanisc, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Kony

    Kony Bad ape

    Jul 29, 2016
    I appreciate there may be a few people here and on steinberg forums indicating issues with Cubase shutting down - my point is I'm not and I'm completely up-to-date. Does this mean the problem is specific to Cubase, or is it something else which affects Cubase?
  2. zvenx

    zvenx Senior Member

    I also dont' have it on Mac Sierra.
  3. kitekrazy

    kitekrazy Senior Member

    Dec 23, 2008
    I got it from reading the thread and the title. Happened to me with AI 8 as well.
  4. Carles

    Carles Senior Member

    Please, try to understand a less egocentric simile.
    Let's say that I have an expensive sport car that works fine on flat surface but gets in trouble when trying to get to my house in the hills (I did read that somewhere, possibly some of you too :).
    Now, you drive my car in your area which is totally flat and you have no problems at all.
    I tell you about my issue, and then you say that since it's working for you, the problem has to be something else but not the car, so your conclusion is that the problem is most likely the hill.

    Do you get it?
  5. Kony

    Kony Bad ape

    Jul 29, 2016
    I get it but you make an incorrect assumption of what I'm saying. If some people are having issues with Cubase shutting down, while others are not, then it's not exclusively the fault with Cubase but other factors as well. Or are you saying we both bought the same car but mine runs fine up the hill whereas yours doesn't...? .

    Do you get it?

    PS I'm riding Cubase up a very steep hill thank you
  6. Carles

    Carles Senior Member

    What I'm saying is that if all inexpensive cars can reach the hill and my expensive sport car cannot, the hill is obviously related in my case but is not necessarily the culprit.

    How you explain that other DAW are not having that issue on the very same setup?
    I think Cubase has something to do... or not?
  7. Carles

    Carles Senior Member

    BTW, my current computer is a completely different machine and all software was installed from scratch. The problem persists. If Cubase has nothing to do with the issue (existing only on itself), then I'm having really bad luck with my setups it seems.
  8. Kony

    Kony Bad ape

    Jul 29, 2016
    How do you explain that I'm not having that issue at all - and looks like many others aren't either judging by the small number of comments on this thread. I sincerely hope your DAW problems get fixed soon - can't be nice working in those circumstances....
  9. Carles

    Carles Senior Member

    Because you are not living up the hill (using my simile) but some of us do. (in my simile, the hill is not necessarily any extra loaded template, just a variable. Actually we are having the issue on all sort of templates).

    The fact that -you- (beside a million users if you wish) are not having the issue doesn't mean that Cubase has nothing to do. No matter if the users with the issue are in minority, as long as the other DAW have not that problem on the very same setup seems to indicate a Cubase-related (actually Cubase-specific) problem.

    In the latest update notes, Steinberg is clearly blaming on Native Instruments regarding the issue, while Kontakt users are not having the issue on other DAWs (the same way they did blame on VSL for the VEPro issues -within- Cubase).

    Time ago, a number of users had a problem with 2cAudio B2 reverb (coincidentally within Cubase too, but this is not relevant here).
    Blakus for instance had not this problem though.
    The fact that Blakus and many other got no problems, doesn't mean that the problem was not B2 related. 2cAudio guys admitted there was an issue and they were re-writing the GUI by then. I did run some tests for them and sent crash logs and projects trying to help and as I needed my money back, did negotiate a refund and told them that I'll buy it again once fixed. Next release got fixed and I bought B2 again. I'm a happy B2 user since then.

    It looks to me that (unlike 2cAudio), Steinberg is instead ignoring the issue or blaming on other (you can find quite old complaints about) as it doesn't affect most of the users and they are too busy packing new features in order to charge for next x0 or x0.5 updates. Despite the discontent of those users they make more money like this and the only option for Cubase users with issues is to leave Cubase as they have no intentions to spend a dime to fix it apparently.
    I do consider working in Cubase very annoying because of the issues and no willingness to fix these so as soon as I'll be able to leave the Steinberg boat (I need a -stable- DAW supporting productive MIDI editing tools and a articulation manager) I'll do that because I need a DAW running smoother on my setup/s and Steinberg is unable to offer that to -me-. Quite simple actually.
  10. Carles

    Carles Senior Member

    ooops, forgot to say thank you for your good wishes.
  11. zvenx

    zvenx Senior Member

    It could be the combination of plugins you have.
    I assume you have the latest izotope and waves (if you use those two)...(those are the more common suspects I have seen).
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  12. A.G

    A.G Active Member

    Jun 26, 2011
    It seems that the issue depends on the audio device (v9.5 on Windows and OS X here). Here are some cases I noted lately:

    1. For example the issue does not happen on one of my tower computers DSP cards, however it happens on another multi I/O mobile audio device.

    2. I noted that the issue happens if I quit Cubase via the "X" window button (Windows) on the mobile device. Somehow the problem does not happen if you quite Cubase via the File menu => Quit or use a Ctrl+Q key command.
    Last week I recorded a massive choir (two days) and did not have any problems by using the alternative methods:
    Ctrl + W (Close Project) and Ctrl + Q (Quite Cubase). Cubase 9.5 was a rock all the time.
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  13. Carles

    Carles Senior Member

    That's interesting. Not completely in my case but in my previous setup, I found differences between the driver provided by Steinberg for my CI2 and a different version downloaded from a Yamaha FTP. However did not fix the issue completely. I did even bought a Focusrite audio interface and tested it for a while and the problem was still there.
  14. Jaap

    Jaap Yes, that's an alto flute

    Maybe a longshot, but maybe check out if an external USB3 hard drive might cause the issue. It is bizar how much influence this can have. Had last year with 8.5 non stop issues with crashing, hanging and all that kinds of annoying things and in the end it all came down that somehow the communication between Cubase and the external hard drive was problematic (was nothing wrong with the hard drive itself, also with others, might be also related to USB3 port issues in combi with the external hard drives).

    Otherwise I (happily) don't have this problem with my W10 and Cubase 9.5 setup (also with all latest windows updates)
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  15. Carles

    Carles Senior Member

    In my previous setup, certainly something got messed up with Cubase and USB ports (when restarting after a Cubase crash, sometimes dongles and other USB devices were not recognized). All said, no problems with applications other than Cubase.
  16. agarner32

    agarner32 Active Member

    Nov 7, 2015
    I'd like to add to the list. For some reason my quitting problem seems to be related to how long Cubase is open. If I start Cubase and quit within an hour or so it quits fine. The problem quitting seems to start when I've been working for an extended period. I've had this problem for so long that now I just save first and then force quit. Other than quitting, Cubase is stable for me.

    I run Cubase on a Mac with one Windows slave using VEP 6.
  17. Kony

    Kony Bad ape

    Jul 29, 2016
    I made the point earlier that it might be more accurate to say you're having a particular problem with Cubase on your particular set up - this doesn't mean it's Cubase's fault, and I think you're being a bit harsh on Steinberg btw. It's not using the scientific method to say that other applications work okay on your PC so it must be Cubase, since there is no information being offered to understand what is causing the problem - and there are many, many variables which enter the equation. Using your logic, if you bought my PC with exactly my specs, interface etc etc, and then Cubase worked perfectly for you, you would conclude that your previous PC is the problem, yes?

    I've worked with lots of developers over the years (project management etc) and it would not be uncommon at the testing stage for software to appear buggy on some machines/builds but not on others, which would point to set up/build or architecture issues. Sometimes software can be tweaked to circumvent that - in this instance, it must be extremely difficult for Steinberg to guess at the zillion configurations out there - which is why I think it's slightly unfair to chastise Steinberg. I can see developers rolling their eyes at some of the basic yet inaccurate assumptions you've made which is why they're probably happy to give you a refund instead of dealing with you. I actually felt personally insulted by the patronising comments you made in the first post you directed at me (eg "please try to understand", reductive, childish sports car/hill analogy - not a simile by the way, check your dictionary! - and "do you get it"?).

    No offence but I'm wondering what your set up is since you also mention you had a Bricasti bug as well which others didn't have. I don't want to keep going in circles: you've made your point that you think it's Steinberg's fault; I've made my point that there must be other factors at play which are causing Cubase to bug out. If you want to keep ranting about it, good luck with that - but I get the impression you're more interested in bashing Steinberg instead of being constructive and trying to get to the root of the problem. From your earlier posts, I understand you're a reaper and logic fan...?
  18. Carles

    Carles Senior Member

    No, I'm having a problem with Cubase on -two- different setups, and had not this issue with Cubase 7 on the very same machine.
    When reinstalling everything on the new one, with the operating system and Cubase 9 only, and progressively adding the plugins the problem was quickly present before installing any reverb plugin and EW Play (so with Kontakt and the stock plugins only).

    Well, if you say so I'm going to pretend that I agree ;)

    I'd say more than "a bit", I'm aware that I'm being actually quite harsh. I'm having problems since quite a while now and it's hard to stand like this.

    If I'd not have the same issue (this and other problems) in two different PC's perhaps. Being not the case, nope, I'd not believe that the problem was my previous PC, just that yours has not the same problem than my other two PC's (plus the PC's of the other users with the same issue, of course). BTW, congrats. It has to be a truly nice experience running Cubase with no issues (honestly, not kidding).

    I know how it works. Aside from having been beta-tester (CG software) when working at Weta Digital I've spend about a year in the same room than a group of developers. I'm really aware about their nightmares.

    I'd like to see instead the smile of happy developers in their new job just hired to sort out some problems currently out of scheduling.

    Apologies. Your initial arguments looked rather simplistic and egocentric. My bad.

    That was actually a real case :) Certain vendor had that issue and someone did share the link to the thread in the (Lamborghini if I recall well) site.

    Not at all. Just sick and tired about the problems. To get to the root of the problem is not my work, I'm not developer but user. If issues reported since years are not fixed, what faith can I have with them fixing these. In fact I had faith, I've paid and installed every single update with that hope but only got disappointment (and less money in my wallet).

    Okay, I know, but even if slightly off-topic (not a problem but a well known request) how extremely difficult would be implementing a more friendly interface to expression maps?

    Only in my dreams :) I actually would like to have any sort of issues with a Bricasti.

    Not a dictionary but if Wikipedia matters this is what I meant
    Should I use "methaphor" instead? (I think it has to be obvious that I'm not native speaker so any correction is always welcome)

    Nope. Have no much idea about Reaper and cannot afford buying a Mac to run Logic.
    With all honesty I'd prefer to stay on Cubase as I'm familiar with it and I like its MIDI editing tools, but since Steinberg is unable to provide software that can run smoothly on my Pc's (obviously by having already two valid computers I'm not going to start buying different computers and audio interfaces until I'll find a winning combination) so I'm looking for alternatives. I did mention those because some people is implementing alternatives to expression maps for them (and also interesting midi editing alternatives in the case of Reaper).
  19. Kony

    Kony Bad ape

    Jul 29, 2016
    I would absolutely avoid using words if you are unclear of their meaning. The wiki link you posted for simile supports what I said - metaphor or analogy would be accurate, but not simile (simile eg "as bright as the sun"). You also made the point twice now about egocentric comments. Definition: thinking only of oneself, without regard for the feelings or desires of others; self-centred. Can you please clarify which earlier comments were egocentric?

    This isn't about whether we agree or not, it's about whether there is a constructive way to fix any problems you're having with Cubase. You seem resigned to the fact that it can't be fixed, despite evidence to the contrary.

    You need to take some responsibility for fixing the problem you are having, instead of waiting around for someone else to fix it. These posts indicate that you do hardly anything about it except complain. About 5 years ago, I bought my previous PC and, after about a month I started getting BSOD fairly regularly. I could have easily whinged and complained about it to the retailer, and taken it back demanding that they fix it. I discussed with the IT guys at work - recommendations were to update drivers continuously - BSOD problem was still there however. Final recommendation was to do a clean install which I wanted to avoid. After a few weeks, I noticed that the BSOD would happen if PC was idle after 30 mins - and that anti-virus would scan in the background when idle so I realised that the anti-virus software was causing the problem. After removing it and installing another anti-virus program, the problem disappeared.

    I really hope the problem and fix is that simple for you but you have to really want to fix the problem, Carles, instead of waiting around for others to do it for you - it's not enough to say "but I spent this money on it"....

    Care to clarify which ones? Aside from the fact the thread title and most of the Cubase complainers here have made simplistic comments which all run along the lines of "cubase isn't closing properly" with no specifics to help work out how it can be constructively fixed.

    This sounds contradictory - did you progressively install plug-ins or didn't you?

    It's irrelevant if it's real or not - it was childish, simplistic and insulting to redux the problem to this analogy and directing it at me. If you want an analogy for this issue, how about this. Two people, Carles and Kony, go to the doctor for a routine check-up. There are other people with Carles and Kony in the waiting room, but they have the flu virus. After seeing and leaving the doctor, Carles comes down with flu whereas Kony does not. Is the fault with the waiting room, the other people who were in it spreading the virus, or with the differences in physiology/anatomy and immune systems between Carles and Kony? Hope this analogy is not too simplistic for you....

    Try looking for the cause and a fix for the problem instead.
  20. Carles

    Carles Senior Member

    Thanks for clarifying. Then it's easier for me because it matches better the Spanish terms "símil" and "metáfora". I've used "simile" because that's what I read usually here at VIC.
    Additionally, please keep in mind that I haven't studied English (only elementary school here) I'm learning "on the fly" by my own since 2004 and try to do my best but unfortunately I cannot reach the proficiency level of native guys or people who studied it.
    Some words (not this case) do not look like unclear given their similitude between all 4 languages I do speak, but found that it sometimes, despite similarities problems can arise (for instance in every language we use one or other synonym of a given word because it can be subtly more specific on a given subject, but sometimes these subtle variants can turn on a completely different undesired meaning in other language/s).

    I mean the second of your entries with no more intentions, the same way that "heliocentric" means sun-centred.

    Regarding the "egocentric" comments I meant, sure no problem.
    These are first this reply in general
    "I don't have a problem with 9.5 pro quitting on large projects. I would suggest, if this isn't a widespread problem, the fault is not with cubase."
    and also this reply to kitecrazy
    "Again, in case you missed it in my previous post, I'm not having a problem with Cubase - you are apparently."

    Never thought that "self centred" could be so offensive. Apologies if so. If I would use the first connotation you've listed, within my limited English vocabulary I'd use "selfish" instead "egocentric".

    Yes, I'm resigned to the fact that it can't be fixed. Sorry but I have no evidence to the contrary. No version later than 7 is working on my machines without the issue. Do you mean that should I buy a new setup copy of yours in order to use Cubase?

    With due respect, you have no clue about what I did and what not. I've spent an insane amount of hours trying to find a solution since version 8 (that's quite a while now), aside of looking for information in the Net so many times, you cannot imagine how many times I've tried with all sort of driver versions for every single component in my computer, installing and uninstalling plugins, reverting versions and updates on my OS, buying a new audio interface, etc, etc, etc.

    I took responsibility and did all what I can as a user. Again, aside of money it did cost me lots of time. No choice other than waiting for someone else to fix it (any developer from the Steinberg crew assigned to fix it, to be precise?) as no myslef nor any of the affected by the issue could find a solution.
    If in your own words it must be extremely difficult for a Steinberg developer, how do you expect that I can fix it myself.

    I also had that kind of issues. The last one was Malwarebites in my case. What I do rather than whinging and complaining is to create a list with the possible offenders and turn off half of them. If the problem is gone then the culprit is in that half, otherwise in the other. Once found the offending half, again turn off a half and if necessary another half and so on. Usually, in relatively few steps you can isolate the culprit.
    Unfortunately not working in this case.

    Sure. Same than above

    "I don't have a problem with 9.5 pro quitting on large projects. I would suggest, if this isn't a widespread problem, the fault is not with cubase."

    "Again, in case you missed it in my previous post, I'm not having a problem with Cubase - you are apparently."

    No offence, but nothing in there suggest to me any contribution but a rather simple "I'm not having issues thus is not Cubase" which lacks argument to me. You've offered more elaborated answers after. But until then, (apologies) you've looked to me like a blind Steinberg fanboy based solely on your point of view ("self centred") like negating other possibilities sustematically. Again apologies.

    Of course I did (actually tried to). Problem was that didn't need to go much deeper. As soon as Kontakt was added and loaded a number of instruments the problem did arise (in my fresh new machine).

    Not too simplistic, that's a good one. However still cannot explain the childish one.
    I can add complexity (variables) to the childish one. You've assumed that in my example the handicap is the inclination, but it could be whatever in the hill, from humidity differences to pollen. Still do not justify why a powerful car cannot go to the top when other cars can (independently to pollen, wind, and gazillion reasons. It doesn't change the fact that "my car" should be able to reach the top but it doesn't. No matter the culprit, that car is not working as it should).

    Done. Above you can read part of my attempts. I cannot find a solution myself. I'm open to try whatever anybody will suggest.

    Just to be clear. I do understand Steinberg. They are not a charity but a company and their goal is to make money. Nothing wrong with that.
    Assigning one or two developers to debug a possibly complex problem that only affects a minority won't make them any money but developing new features. Not bashing, not a rant on that. That's quite logical.
    Is just that I like to speak clear what I think (and of course I can be wrong anytime but I still tell what I believe as true) My problem is that I'm within that minority and their (say perfectly licit) policy is pushing me out of the game because using Cubase results from slightly annoying to extremely annoying to me.
    I'm telling my problems, my attempts to fix, my frustrations and the lack of solutions as per today.
    I believe that debugging the issue is more the vendor responsibility than the users responsibility and the only fact till now, is that a number of users are having a problem since long time and the problem is still not resolved and doesn't looks like is going to be resolved any soon (in their last change log they are just blaming on 3rd parts, so no much hope that they are going to fix it, and I seriously doubt that we the users will be able to. Indeed I've lost my hope).

    I can grant you, that if Cubase would be working on my setup, this discussion wouldn't be happening, but at the moment, I'm still having painful experiences and I think I'm entitled to complain. am I? (Cubase is not a free product nor I'm getting a NFR for beta-testing, are we clear on that?)

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