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Saw that Cubase 10 is already up in the Steinberg shop with no pricing and no info, beside that it is around 21 GB big in size. Will add the info and pricing when its up :)

Curious to see what the new version will bring us.


All the new features can be found here and upgrade from 9.5 is €99.99


Customers who have activated an earlier Cubase version since October 15, 2018, are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to Cubase 10.
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Yeah, 9 extra GB of new samples and soundsets, I will forget to use.... I only have 14GB free on my drive.... Might be time for a hard drive upgrade too.....


Reid Rosefelt
All past Cubase releases were on a wednesday, so I guess we'll have to wait 2 more days.
I hope you're right, because I want to see what it is and get it, but a lot of Steinberg stuff comes out on different days. Many on Thursdays, and Groove Agent 5 came out last Friday.


Reid Rosefelt
no info, beside that it is around 21 GB big in size.


9.5 is 18 GB. That suggest new content, maybe for one of the existing instruments. But possibly a new instrument or library.
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