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Cubase 10 - change the colour of midi notes (to white) and toggle gradient track colour (on/off)


Hello and hola...a Brit in Spain
Hi guys,

Sorry for the dumb question, but can I change the colour of midi notes?

It´s not a huge deal, but I went to do it as I thought it would look nicer in white and couldn´t see how to do it.

I´ve searched on the internet and had a look at the Cubase 10 ´wishlist for Cubase 10.5´and couldn´t see this feature, so I´m presuming I can do this??

I´d also like to get rid of the gradient colour of the tracks. I think the gradients look really dated. There must be a tick box, can I just have a solid colour instead?

Please let me know as it´s weird I can´t find any mention of this!

Best regards everyone!!


Hello and hola...a Brit in Spain
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Really appreciate @brenneisen you took the time in yor reply.

Also... got to Edit - Preferences - Event Display - MIDI - Note Brightness and adjust to 100 % to get this:


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