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Cubase 10.5


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it looks like Steinberg listened to what people requested, and have chosen to re-includ the export-video function in their new 10.5 update. No need to separately edit video + audio in premiere pro anymore :)



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Super-excited that you can disable “switch on loop mode if I click too high in the edit window.” I do that constantly and I’ve always been annoyed. That’s worth the $60 upgrade right there.


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Anyone else getting crashes when trying to set projects for video export from 96k to 48k and the video at 60 FPS - every time I try, Cubase crashes and closes down (when its about to convert files to the lower samplerate).

I really don't understand why they didn't include higher sample rates for video export.


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for me sometimes video export doesnt work at all. only black video is exported, audio is ok...
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