Create deep complex atmospheres with new DRONAR: Hybrid Module


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Hi all

We're excited to let you know about DRONAR: Hybrid Module - a revolutionary atmosphere sounds creator for Kontakt created by Gothic Instruments aka Dan Graham who produced Zero-G's Animato, Luminso, Rise Designer and more.

DRONAR: Hybrid Module makes it incredibly easy to create rich, dramatic, complex and evolving atmospheres with a set of controls designed to invite deep exploration, expression and discovery.

  • Create a massive universe of sound from a single chord
  • Rich and dramatic results without the need to add additional instruments
  • Simple main interface with 6 powerful dials
  • Dive deeper and explore a vast modular multi-timbral synth/sampler with multiple independent arpeggiators
  • 300 presets
  • 16GB of audio (compressed to 8GB)
  • Audio by Hollywood trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio
  • Live strings performed by players from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Works beautifully with external MIDI controllers
  • GecoMIDI preset included for use with Leap Motion Controller
  • Full version of Kontakt 5.5 required
And all for the intro price of £49.95 / 64.95Euro / $74.95 until 22nd February.

This is the first module in the DRONAR series with 300 inspiring presets that focus on deep, grainy cutting-edge, evolving cinematic and sci-fi atmospheres. Future modules will explore different areas of sound and music and existing DRONAR users will be able to purchase these at a special discounted price.

Full details, videos and audio demos at:


Dr. Mickey Lauer
Will become recognizable, the more it gets used.
Well, that's always the problem with sample-based instruments, isn't it? Think D50 "Digital Native Dance"... Still, for some people, this is more convenient than trying to achieve the same sound with layering a bunch of VSTis.