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Controls in the tab area, works in 5 not in 6


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Hello chaps,
I thought I was being clever by utilising some unused space in the tabs section at the bottom of my instruments for controls that were common to all instruments but not related to the main UI for each instrument. I used a z layer of 1 for this and it worked well... in Kontakt 5. I've now become aware that they do not appear in Kontakt 6. They still function but you cannot see them.

I haven't done any scripting since last year and am not familiar with changes in Kontakt 6. Any way I can make the controls re-appear in the tabs area for 6?

Thanks for any help.


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Thanks E.D.
Basic minimal script to show the problem:
on init

    define UI_HEIGHT := 50
    define UI_WIDTH := 633
    define TEST_CONTROL_WIDTH := 126


    declare ui_menu menu
    menu -> x := (UI_WIDTH - TEST_CONTROL_WIDTH)
    menu -> y := (UI_HEIGHT + 6)
    menu -> width := TEST_CONTROL_WIDTH
    menu -> height := 18
    menu -> z_layer := 1
    menu -> font_type := 3
    menu -> picture := "menu"
end on
With the above in slot 1 and 2, I get the following in Kontakt 5 (full) and Kontakt 6 (player).

Actually I just noticed that even without z_layer it still works in Kontakt 5.

Thanks for your help.



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Aha yep. I think this was a bug in K5 that got fixed in K6. You were never supposed to put any controls in the tab bar there.
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