Controller keyboard necessary functions - how to minimise amount of items on desk ...


Hello all !!
Given developments in tablet apps (Lemur/TouchOSC/Metagrid/VControl etc), and now MPE with the ROLI gear, I am trying to work out what I will actually need on the desk - the market is moving pretty quick, lots of new stuff, and lots of overlapping functions in a lot of the gear. And this boild down to "what functions do I actually need on a controller keyboard", which is what I am looking to get hold of now.

The objective is to find out what things I actually need on the desk (other than a mouse ;) that is)

Basic questions - from a tactile perspective, do ROLI type strips work as well as modwheels and joysticks for doing CC overdubs ? Or better ? Are there other things that work better ? Anyone got any experience with MIDI keyboards which are a mix of traditional keys and ROLI type strips (if any exist !!)

Thanks !!!