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Control multiple monitor directly from Logic (and sonarworks only when listening)

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I found a way to get a sort of control room (like in cubase) (or fx monitoring in reaper) directly in Logic. I want share it here, for me it works, maybe this could be helpful from someone else. You need to have a multiple out audio interface (i used a fireface 800).

1) In Logic create a bus and rename it "Master" (or as you wish).

2) Set the output of your tracks, bus and sends to this bus renamed "Master".

3) Set the output of this bus called "Master" to a physical output that it's not assigned to a couple of monitor (i selected output 11-12). If you have connected this output to monitor you have to mute it.

4) Now create on this bus called "Master" a send (post-fader and set to 0) to another bus (called "X" for example, it should be named like the monitor or headphones that you want connect to it).

5) Set the output of "X" to the physical output connected to the monitor or headphones that you want to use.
If you want to use a plug-in like Sonarworks for room correction or a plug-in for room simulation for headphones (like waves nx, toneboosters morphit, waves abbey road studio 3, dsoniq realphones, ecc...) you can add to this bus (bus "X").

6) Repeat from point 4 for each couple of monitor or headphones that you want use.

Now you can listen the room/headphones correction applied without add sonarworks or other plug-in at the end of "Master" fx chain.

Now you can change listening monitor from "Master" bus simply mute and unmute the relative send. You have to mute all the sends to the monitor/headphone that you don't want to listen, otherwise you listen more couple of monitor together.

You can change the name of the sends (the name of the bus "X") in "Mix"---->"I/O Labels".

If you have a single mono monitor you can apply to the relative "X" bus a plug-in to set the bus output mono (i use logic plug-in "gain" that has a button for mono).

MOST IMPORTANT THING: for bounce the project MUTE ALL SENDS, then go into the mixer and press "Bnce" button (Bounce) on the channel that it's not assigned to a couple of monitor (point 3), in my case output 11-12, so the sonarworks and the other plug-ins don't affect the bounce.

I attached a screenshot of my routing.

Sorry for my english.


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