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Composers Tools release Eris: the atmosphere creator... Now on Sale!

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We are very proud to announce, that after one year of hard work, our first product is finally ready and available :) take a break to explore a bit of our universe:

- Now on Sale at 169$ -

Eris has been designed to be both extremely powerful and surprisingly simple in use. This unique and intuitive scoring tool is a must have for those who expect deep tones and huge evolving spaces in their productions.

Based on our innovative ACT ENGINE, ERIS automatically generates atmospheres and landscapes allowing to focus on composing. Its massive library, a full source of mainly dark & mysterious sounds opens the endless possibilities of versatile and beautifully rich ambiences.

A big thanks to everyone for the support and the useful threads during this years.


Oldie but maybe goldie? Featured on VSTBuzz for merely 39.90 € (excluding vat).

Absolutely one of the best product trailer videos I have ever seen. Currently downloading and making "getting hands dirty" video later on...


I made an small hands on video, just improvising something over Eris. I think that for the prize it's a great deal, even though it's not much different from other ambient libraries. Only problem I could figure out seems to be relatively few controls, as there doesn't seem to be options for panning or per-sample -stereo width. I'v tried randomizing for about 30-50 times and all the results have sounded bit too spread to me, but fortunately there is an option to shrink the stereo spread. Few minor glitches here and there, but with only few controls it's quick to work with!

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