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Composers Roundtable #5 is up! Organic Samples' Maxime Luft to guest on Wedn, 11/4

Reid Rosefelt

aka Tiger the Frog

The topics we discussed were:
  • Reverbs
  • EQ
  • Modeled or Sample
  • Sketch Libraries

We announced the winner of our drawing for Ben Osterhouse's Pattern Strings. He is Emilio Navas
Thank you all for entering.

We are excited to announce that the very talented young developer Maxime Luft of Organic Samples (now at Orchestral Tools) will be joining us for our next podcast, Wednesday, August 4th at 2pm EST.

Like our previous guest, Ben Osterhouse, Maxime is both very young and a total original. He has a very unique approach to virtual instruments. Obviously Orchestral Tools appreciated what he was doing at Organic Samples, and that's why they brought him over to their family.


We will be talking about his career as a musician and virtual instrument creator, with a focus on his new library TABLEAU CHAMBER STRINGS. I've been a superfan of Maxime's work since Solo Opera. I felt compelled to do a video on it, even though I wasn't even doing videos at that time.

Get ready for the podcast by getting Maxime's amazing Majestic Horn if you don't have it already. At two euros, it is one of the best deals you can find on a virtual instrument. Pick it up here:

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Thanks Pier! Yes - Spain, Japan and the Netherlands were the pioneering MSX countries. I bet you played all the Konami games then right? Vampire Killer, Nemesis.
Oh yeah! Penguin Adventure, Nemesis, Salamander, F1 Spirit, Knightmare, Maze of Galious, Castlevania, Metal Gear, etc, etc, etc.


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All of those titles are near and dear to me! MSX was the platform where it all began for the Metal Gear franchise. Good one!
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