Community resource for live session players?

Nate Johnson

Active Member
Curious if there is any community out there acting as a hub for live session players? Seeing as the majority of world has evolved to working from home, I assume a decent amount of session players have also followed suit and have the ability to record at home.

I've been thinking it might be really cool to work one-on-one with players of various instruments for my next project. Basically asking these folks to play short snippets of music and experimenting with uncommon articulations for me to manipulate in my style. Essentially like I would be doing with sample libraries.

I've noticed places on the internet where you can get entire orchestral ensembles to play and record music (super cool!) but I haven't come across too many solo players offering the same type of services.

So yeah, if you are folks, know folks, or have additional thoughts on this concept - tell me!