Comments on Sospiro Strings? Only 2 Days Left on Intro Price


Reid Rosefelt
I'm a big Ben Osterhouse fan who spent too much money over the holidays. So I've been engaged in an internal debate about whether I should pick up "Sospiro Strings." I like it, but do I need it?

I've been watching the demos over and over. I've also been playing all my string libraries to see if I can get similar effects. And yeah I sort of can, but not really. There are nice arcs in 8dio stuff, but you can't alter the length the way you can in this ingenious library.

As time is quickly running out on the intro price, do any of you who have the library have any thoughts for me?




Music Addict
Almost all of Ben’s stuff is this good, albeit you have to have a decent use case for some of it. The English Bass and Viola da Gamba are in this same tier of excellence imho.