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S.M Hassani

CodeUltra Sounds
Coming Soon: More Floormaster Mayhem!

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes we make unusual Sound Design Experiments while making/testing products like Arkeon. I thought I'd share some of them with you in this thread.

First up is this private video I made, while testing two Arkeon SFX patches for Trailer and Games sound design applications:

The patches FX Cynernectic Pain and FX Floormasta are included in Arkeon

In the video I use Macros and Velocity to explore/generate dozens of sounds from the two patches:

FX Cynernectic Pain: Will generate sounds for Laser Weapons, Impacts, Damage, Robotic/Cybernetic "Pain" and mechanical "Footsteps"
FX Floormasta: Will generate the huge rumbling sounds of a terrifying "Final Boss" it also generates SFX for functions, like the "Laser Scans" you hear in the video.

No external processing was added to the output from Serum. But if I was making sounds for a hit game or a movie trailer, I may add a couple of FX plugins on top. Maybe Wormhole from Zynaptic or something from Krotos.

What do you guys think would work on this?

If you'd like us to trying something out with any synth or plugin, let us know below. Good things tend to come out of such experiments!

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Stay Creative!

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S.M Hassani

S.M Hassani

CodeUltra Sounds
This week Arturia is giving away the Rev PLATE-140 for FREE. I wanted to test it against some Arkeon presets to show you how it sounds in context.

Coming Soon: Two New Videos, where I dig deeper into the sonic possibilities of Rev PLATE-140 and how it works with other FX plugins, Like Wormhole from Zynaptic and a few other surprises scenarios. Stay Tuned!

Here's my first stab at it:

The preset called "Neo Villain" is a Light/Comic Horror preset. It will react to velocity as it generates scary howls over a bed of Brass and eerie metallic synth pads.

Arkeon comes with a number of light to intense Horror presets, which are very flexible as you can see in the video. They are ideal for scoring the entire Horror spectrum from Games and Cartoons to hardcore Horror and Thriller films.

Here's an official demo I recorded after I had more time with the Arturia reverb:

In this video we showcase "Him" one of Arkeon's lush exotic pads and how it takes to External FX processing, using some of our favorite FX plugins including: Arturia's Rev Plate-140, Zynaptic Wormhole, Eventide Octavox and the wonderful Legend FX module from Synapse.

And "Floormaster" makes an official comeback here:

My quick thoughts on the Arturia Rev PLATE-140 Reverb:
  • I like the Drive circuit a lot, especially the fact that it can be used on its own.
  • The 3 Plate Models are very distinguishable from each other and sound realistic overall.
  • Model 3 can smear sounds in a nice way if you know how to push it with some Hi Shelf EQ
  • The additional controls will let you reign in the Bass and add a pre-delay. Although I wish the latter was time synced.
  • Overall this doesn't sound a FREE plugin at all. Certainly not a waste of time or disk space.
More on this soon...
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