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Hi, I have Jay Bass if you're interested. I also have Pre Bass. $30 for one, $50 for both. I'm a new member here but I've bought/sold several times on KVR.


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I've got it and some other NI stuff. They became redundant when I bought a bundle.

Session Guitarist - Electric Sunburst -- $39
Scarbee Funk Guitarist -- $39
Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass -- $39
Scarbee Jay-Bass -- $29
Scarbee Pre-Bass -- $29

All together for $125

(I'm new to this and some other forums, where I'm trying to sell some stuff. Let me know if you have concerns.)


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I'd like to add that Spemph is a very trustworthy seller and forum member. I totally vouch for his integrity on a forum where there is sadly much spamming and attempts by some 'members' to rip people off. The transaction went very smooth and quickly. I highly recommend Spemph as someone worth dealing with. Thanks Spemph.
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