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Cinesamples (Winds) 30% Sale - Worth a Look?


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i am FLUSH with libraries.

having fun creating my master template in my new DAW.

finally going through everything I've grabbed over the last 6 or 7 months.

thought: I am DONE!


Cinesamples has a 30% off sale.

What are thoughts on the Winds?

I have EW, CH, SstWW, VSL, ARK, etc ... - jeez, just listing them is revealing enough to walk away.



Wally Garten

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I bought the CineWinds Core a while back on a BF sale and I think have never used them for anything. The sound just didn't really inspire me -- too smooth, maybe? But I do more pop/rock/experimental than full orchestral composing -- for me something really expressive, like the 8dio Claires or OTS's flute, is more useful. I would believe that CineWinds would actually sit much better in a full orchestral template.


I love CineWinds, Core especially.
Here's a showcase of the piccolo, flute, oboe & clarinet from CW Core.
Close mics, with a splosh of ValhallaRoom (2.2 second tail).




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The sound (and room) is gorgeous, but they need quite a bit of programming to sound realistic, especially with faster lines and articulation-juggling. Both Core and Pro are very handy tools to have, so if you got some extra money I'd go for it. I like especially Pro, as it has instruments I don't have in other libraries.

PS: Also, don't buy them from Cinesamples webpage if you're an European. Best Service has also 30% off of them, but without the added tax.


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I'm interested in the brass. I have HB, but need another huge, epic French horn legato library. I saw the Cinebrass Twelve Horn library for 30% off, I think I might grab it.


For some inexplicable reason I left out the bassoon from my CW Core test above,
so here's a showcase of the bassoon along with the alto flute & english horn from CW Pro.
Close mics, with a ValhallaRoom 2.2 second tail.



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