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Cinematic Studio Strings

Update to the website: "The next instalment, Cinematic Studio Solo Strings is due for completion mid 2017. Cinematic Studio Brass is slated for late 2017, and the final two releases, Cinematic Studio Woodwinds and Cinematic Studio Percussion are due for completion next year."
Thanks for the heads up! It's too bad Brass will not come out until later this year ... but all aboard the hype train for Cinematic Studio Solo Strings :)

Markus S

Very much looking forward to the solo strings. The main library is fatastic. I play the violin, viola and a little cello, and think they totally nailed it, best string library so far, IMO.


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Looking forward to the Solo Strings release, hopefully this month, or July.

Yes, patience is needed for the Brass (later this year), and (Woodwinds, Perc. ) Next Year.


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I have learned to be patient with Alex when it comes to his programs entering the market place ....and I don't mind at all because I know that when they hit the streets , they are READY , and DONE RIGHT !!.... You don't have some 1/2 baked program that might just as well be beta as some of the companies have when rushing their programs to just get them out there ..... not to mention his prices are more than fair ....

Zhao Shen

Man, they had said all 4 already 6 months ago! :sad:
Eh, at least they seem to have an idea of the standard they want to measure up to. Better to wait for libraries that will rival the realism of CSS than to rush out something disappointing. cough Hollywood Solo Strings cough

On second thought, calling HWSS disappointing might actually be too generous.


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I am actually looking forward to the woodwinds the most. As the owner of the Spitfire Audio BML Reeds and Low Reeds (not the symphonic woodwinds bundle), the lack of articulations can be a bit frustrating, despite the fantastic sound. CS2 was great, CSS was even better, so I have very high hopes for what Alex can do with the woodwind section, especially considering how Berlin Woodwinds & VSL are the only viable, yet expensive, alternatives (for me at least. Other people may think differently).

CS2 also had a great run mode which I can see being a good match for doing lovely woodwind runs!

I do also really hope that the less frequently used woodwinds (bass clarinet, bass flute, etc) would be included.

Of course, the brass is also exciting. I care less for the solo instruments to be honest. Virharmonic is already doing a great job for the strings there.


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Well, with VSL back in the game, all the devs are a bit scared imo (and with good reason). We'll probably see a rise in quality across the board!

galactic orange

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I was holding out for CSB, not having quite as much enthusiasm for the solo strings. I wish the order of release was reversed, but I am glad Alex isn't dropping them on us in the same time frame. Who am I kidding... I'll be snagging the solo strings as soon as they're released as that's a huge hole in my library! However for brass I'm giving Adventure Brass another look in the meantime.


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I haven't had the fortune to acquire or use CSS yet, but everything I've seen and heard from it has me feeling it's the most straightforward, "composer friendly" library out there, at least in the way that I'm after, while maintaining quality and comprehensiveness, though I wouldn't mind some different bowings like sul pont/sul tasto, etc. Spitfire comes in second, my only gripe there being a somewhat more cluttered interface/workflow (and the price tag/computer power demands, which I just can't meet at this point).

Anyway, if these upcoming libraries match or exceed the level of CSS in terms of sonic quality, comprehensiveness, and smoothness of use, then I will be extraordinarily pleased and eager to build a setup with the Cinematic Studio series at its core.


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Well, with VSL back in the game, all the devs are a bit scared imo (and with good reason). We'll probably see a rise in quality across the board!
You got that right ! :)

Yes, VSL is back in the game, and I think they will be surprising us with how good their new Sychron Libraries will sound compared to the current Kontakt based libraries from the other Orch. Library Developers.

So, the bar of quality, flexibility, and realism is moving up higher once again, developers are aware of this, and are most likely taking that into consideration as far as their next releases. Which is a good thing for all of us.
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