Cinematic Studio Strings


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Connect rarely works properly for me as far v3.17 seems the most stable, but I have to switch back and forth between that and v3.22 as they both will crash at different spots in the download. I usually then have to manually extract.

To stay on topic, these new strings sound really good, but so far I've just heard a couple demos. Definitely going to check out the walkthroughs.


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Gotta pile on the Continuata bandwagon here. Had major issues d/l-ing a HY product a couple of months ago. Thing that pisses me off is their total lack of support. I mean - six emails and no response? C'mon.

Sorry for the rant.... back on topic.


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How does CSS sound? I've found CS2 sounds a bit "synthy" compared to the offerings from Spitfire and OT - might just be the room / reverb that's built in though.


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It did for me too. Crashes after downloading the first part every time.
This is not Continuata, is it? This is Advanced Download Manager. (Or are those two different guises of the same thing?) Anyway, not experiencing any problems here. Strings are already in and the piano is now working its way inside my computer rather nicely as well.



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Replying from the commercial thread:

Is there someone who has both CS2 and CSS? Does the new legato (combined with the new articulations) warrant a new purchase?
The slow legato is quite good, very lyrical. And the portamento is highly usable. And rebowing is extremely welcome. It's clear to me you'll be able to get much more expressive lines out of CSS compared to CS2. Also the measured tremolo seems to work quite well: I've been able to get much tighter and defined sound out of it than with the other libraries in my template that have measured trem.

The fake con sord is disappointing for me too. It's passable, and I've heard worse filter-based treatments, but yeah, it's not the real thing.

Is this worth the price? Bear in mind CSS has a very different sound; one should view it as an entirely different library, not just a CS2 redux. I never complained about CS2's sound, but so far I find I like CSS quite a bit more. Whether these things justify spending the money can only be a personal decision. In the hour or two I've spent with it, you are getting something rather different with CSS than with CS2.

Zhao Shen

Anyone having issues with legato with the vibrato fader all the way down? Sounds like there's samples missing.


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Anyone having issues with legato with the vibrato fader all the way down? Sounds like there's samples missing.
Yes, I mentioned this on the commercial thread. Glad to know it's not just me. :)

It appears to happen on the legato speeds above the slowest one for the given legato mode.

I don't think it's missing samples, I think it's playing the legato transition but not the sustain samples. Looks like a fairly simple programming issue that should be easy to fix.

Alex W

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Anyone having issues with legato with the vibrato fader all the way down? Sounds like there's samples missing.
Hi there, sorry about that I'll have it fixed in an update asap! What's happening is the nonvib samples aren't triggering when:
  • triggering a Fast legato while using Standard Legato or
  • triggering a Medium or Fast legato while using Advanced Legato.
For the time being, please use only the lowest legato speed while playing nonvib to avoid this issue. The speeds themselves don't actually significantly impact the sound of the legato transition while using nonvib anyway, as this is a simulated legato. Nonvib was included for use mainly at the start or the end of a passage, or to add extra expression while playing chords. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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If you run like myself into issues where some patches and several articulations do not work as they should move the modwheel (which is normally taped as Alex knows) The Trills in Cellos, Full Ensemble, Basses, 2nd Violins and 1st Violins do not work for me at all. I did contact Alex about this issues and wait for a fix


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Can anyone tell me how big this library is? And the piano? I can't find any info about download size or space required anywhere on their website.