Cinematic Studio Series - Future release dates???


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Huge fan of the Cinematic Studio Strings I picked up recently.
I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas when the rest of the series is due for release.
Their websites hints 'completion' in 2016. Do we assume that means 'release' as well?


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I think if the release of Cinematic Studio Strings is any guide, there won't really be much build-up / hype / warning / lead-up to the timing of the release. We'll all just wake up one day and find that the product has been released and available for purchase. So, as much fun as it can be to speculate at times... I think it's pretty futile in this case. In our current age of teasers and countdowns, I welcome this no-nonsense approach.


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I agree - it's absolutely pointless to speculate. Still looking forward to see/hear the new releases. CSS was an incredibly good surprise.