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Cinematic Studio Brass?


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Here's a quick Conan mockup, just a few bars. CSS and CSB primarily, and just a few Cinewinds. Might mockup some more later, since I really love this score. No verb on top.

Brilliant! The score to Conan is the score that got me interested in film music in the first place.


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Here is some random playing on the Solo Horn. Super playable, love it!
Now that, sir, is a demo. No talking; no other instruments; just a nicely played range of music that really helps me hear what it's capable of.

Despite the recommendations I've been on the fence about this library as I've not been convinced it can offer me much beyond what I already have. But that is a lovely solo horn worth buying alone.

Are you planning on doing all the inatruments in the library?


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Updated my Conan Anvil of Crom mockup. Presented some challenges though, it's not perfect (when is it?), and there's room for improvement but for the most part I think it came out quite nice so far. Did run into some limitations with divisi (obviously) and some of the sampled instrument ranges (trumpets and violins) which didn't go far enough. Difficult to circumvent. Alas.

Edit: corrected balancing error.



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@Dirk Ehlert

In the beginning of your walkthrough you show the smooth dynamic crossfading of the horns, which is great.

Are all of the instruments "phasing-free", in particular the solo ones? Trumpets seem to do it often.
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