Cinematic Studio Brass?


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I just use a lot of fast legato passages in my music. And that's where samples really fail me. I have woodwinds covered, I can do playable Williams' runs no problem, but I need a brass library (preferably recorded in hall, i just like having that sound instead of close sample modeling) which can handle that.
May I ask what woodwind library you use for your fast legato William’s runs?


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What's with the "fast legato" obsession? Why is that the most important thing for you? I would say that the general sound, expression, musicality and natural sounding legato is much more important. And my impression is that those things are very much in place. Haven't tested "fast legato" because frankly, it hasn't even crossed my mind as being a top priority.
It's less an obsession and more a common weakness of libraries. I don't use fast legato very often at all but every time I try it sounds wrong and my libraries are pretty snappy


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Anyone tried to use breath controller instead modwheel with CSB?
While with CSS everything is ok, with CSSS when I use breath c. the notes stops playing after 2 seconds more or less and then I can only listen to the release sample when I stop playing the key.
What controller are you using? I was thinking of getting a TEC specifically for CSSS.


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I'm the same boat. Felt like I had to take advantage of the BF sale to get Berlin Strings... and then read that I could use my $100 coupon if I bought that + Berlin Brass together so I did. I hate myself now, especially since I knew that between OT's capsule and the library itself, Brass would probably never really be used... heck I haven't even downloaded it. I want THIS library much more.
I have BB and will most likely be adding CSB as well. For me, they have such different sounds. I like the quiet playing of BB, very expressive. Plus having individual players, vibrato and re-tongued legato makes it nice for writing for exposed brass ensemble.

At this point I have no idea if CSB does re-tongued legato, what its vibrato control is like and other features. Definitely want to get it for its great sound and better volume range but I'm waiting for more info/walkthroughs/reviews before I pull the trigger.

If Alex had released this a few weeks earlier would I still have gotten BB? Who knows. No doubt OT made a smart business decision.

BTW if you haven't downloaded BB yet you might be able to convince them to give you a refund. May be tough since you bought with special coupon but may be worth a shot sending them an email.
Talking about CineBrass, I just put this little line from the CSB introduction video in there for comparison.
Luckily, the CineBrass solo trumpet and horn are mellower than the other instruments, but while it seems to fit for the demo, it probably lacks the flexibility of CSB beyond that.

Woah, sounds like that trumpet player gave up on life on that last chord...!


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He said "fast legato lines" not "normal legato lines" though. :grin:

But it sounds pretty sweet, especially the bigger part.



(CSS out of the box, CSB out of the box with -7 dB, timpani & tamtam from Hollywood Orchestral Percussion. Any small timing issues are due to me just playing this in without click, not any inconsistency in the library.)
Sounds really great!! I'm still in love with CSS too, you made it shine once again here on just a couple of notes.


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I'm happy that CSB made that look easy to you, but I encourage you to compare CSB:

with Hollywood Brass:


or the Spitfire Studio Brass version which was deleted.

IMO what makes the CS series great is that the legato transitions work right alongside the rebow/retongue transitions and the "start of a new phrase" note attacks. Thus, you can have a phrase where some notes are slurred, repeated, or played straight, and it all works together creating a deceptively easy-looking performance. In effect, there are a lot more options under the hood than it looks like from the GUI... ;)