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Cinematic Studio Brass vs Sample Modeling vs Angry Brass – Trailer Music Comparison


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Hey guys,

I made another comparison video of CSB and Sample Modeling, and this time, Angry Brass.

Three very different libraries, two highly esteemed, one free. This video features trailer-style music, with brassy horn ensembles, fast repeating trumpets, and low brass ostinati.
For anyone going between the two libraries and also curious if its worth downloading Angry Brass from Performance Samples, or just curious how they compare, I hope this helps!

01:30 Cinematic Studio Brass
04:48 Sample Modeling Brass
07:10 Angry Brass
10:25 Custom Blend
12:06 Everything Layered
12:49 Audio Examples Only

With the SM Brass, I used a Todd AO impulse response in Space Designer along with Valhalla Room. I also used VSS for positioning. For the CSB and Angry Brass, I used the same Valhalla Room reverb, without Space Designer.

If you haven't seen my first video featuring lyrical legatos of CSB and SM, check out Part 1 of the Series: Lyrical Legato Brass Comparison (ft. D.I.D. CHOI's "Remembrance") here: https://youtu.be/5zocDHMiLH0

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Also, would appreciate if you left a like or comment on the video as well. And if you really like the video, a friendly subscribe.

D.I. Danny Choi


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CSB really shines here IMHO. As for the SM Brass, I think the tone is a bit flat and the reverb is a little too wet. Sample Modeling instruments require a ton of mixing work, the best examples I've heard from them are ran through SPAT (SM should just bundle that with their libraries hahaha).

Thanks a lot for putting this together!

Robo Rivard

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Yes, CSB rules. It would have been nice to hear the 8DIO Century Brass in the comparison. Such great libraries!
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