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Cinematic pulses for movie soundtrack


I need some advice.

I want to compose music which is similar to the following movie soundtracks:
Contagion, Arrival, The Town, Olympus has fallen, Sicario and the Bourne series.

I very much like Matt Bowdler's The Unfinished Omnisphere Colossus series, and the pulse and bass sounds it creates. Some of the multis sound straight out of the aforementioned movie soundtracks.

I already have 8Dio's Rhythmic Aura 1 and 2, Output Signal, Albion One eDNA, Heavyocity Aeon Rhythmic and some other sound design libraries. However, I just can't get that nice underscore sound that The Unfinished Colossus series makes with Omnisphere.

Omnisphere is pretty expensive for me, and I'm not too blown away with the stock sounds from what I've heard. It's only third party expansions which I find are more inspiring.

Does anyone have any suggestions, and would you recommend Omnisphere?



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I would actually recommend that before you buy anything of that, you take long sustaining sounds and run them through a tremolo plugin or gate as that's how most of those sounds are made to begin with.

It honestly sounds like you're well-equipped for the job already.


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I would completely agree with the above thoughts about making your own sounds - it's pretty easy. However, if you want a dedicated library have a look at the Keepforest collections or "Cosmos" by Impact Soundworks.

colony nofi

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I find it interesting the soundtracks that you mention... have you really sat down and listened to what is happening in these soundtracks?
One I'm extremely familiar with in that list is Arrival. I really don't see any of these tools helping create this kind of soundtrack. At best, an approximation of rhythmic ideas - but there's so much more to what JJ did with orchestration and voice which makes it work.
I would think you have plenty of tools at your disposal already. A new tool with new default patches will perhaps give a new bouncing off point or two, but there's a lot of writing for all these sound tracks that needs to be done on a piano (or whatever!) first. And imo you should be able to KNOW if you are writing music that is as emotive/engaging straight off the bat before you even start with the production process. And at that point, you can just keep experimenting until you figure out something that works for you - and pretty much all the tools you have will already do a great job of that.

Now this is not to negate a process by which the production is part of the composition. Nor new tools which bring new ideas to the table. However, I still feel the most important skill to writing is the feeling / base musical ideas - which happen to be presented with an aesthetic which totally complements what's going on in the story / on the screen.


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I hate to sound like everyone else but you have what you need if you have a daw.

However, what you also need is a plan, a goal and a time limit because all these tools are essentially for speed and convenience for the quality of product.

If you don't mind me saying a plan might be:

1: im going to try to replicate 'such n' such' a sound from ''example' scene in movie 'x'.
2:I'm going to create a drone with a long brass note and design it with 10 send effect and each one must have one lane of automation.
3. I'm going to create a pulse with samples. One rhythmic, one bass sound and one treble and all the sounds have to be from your house...eg clocks, fridge.

Give yourself 2 hours each project...go!


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Try a demo of Dmitry Sches Tantra on some sounds . You can do pulses easily with it among other things. If you like it you can probably snag it for a killer price on Black Friday. Gates , tremolos, Lfo, etc are all effects to create movement . Don’t be afraid to experiment with your stock plugins or others you may already have .
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