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[Cinematic Jazz] A Touch of Noir (Full Album)


Hey all. Ahead of its release on all streaming platforms, you can already listen to my new album A Touch of Noir on YouTube:

There's also a page here where you can listen to each track separately: https://www.nicolas-schuele.com/a-touch-of-noir

Drawing inspiration from the film noir genre, A Touch of Noir is definitely both dark and jazzy. Each track is mostly driven by a piano accompanied by a groovy drums, and embellished by a palette of instruments such as the clarinet, the trumpet or the violin as needed.

Consisting of 12 short musical stories, the album is a tribute to washed out detectives, rich heiresses in need, and the smoky ambience of the clubs of old.

As far as VSTs go, the pianos used are Heavyocity Ascend, Woodchester Piano, The Grandeur and The Gentleman. The drums come mostly from Superior Drummer. Woodwinds are 8Dio Claire series. The trumpet is Straight Ahead Samples Birth of the trumpet. Violin is Joshua Bell and the vibraphone comes from Spitfire Percussion, using the close mic. I think that's it :)

Let me know if you have comments or questions!
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