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Christian Henson's YouTube Channel - Nighty Night!

Tanuj Tiku

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Well, the riot in 1913 happened because the Rite was too complex and avant-garde for its time. If (some) media music today is shit, it’s becaue of the opposite problem - too bland and generic. I think we’d all prefer to have the first problem?

As a side note, if I recall correctly, it didn’t take long for the audience of 1913 to catch up, and give the rite a standing ovation a few years later. There’s an interesting old Radiolab episode titled “musical language” on the cognitive reasons for this. Super interesting!

Thanks so much for this! Really amazing!


Far, Far Away
The famous riot is dramatised in the movie Coco & Igor: I believe the stick banging was to keep the dancers in time over the noise of the screaming audience.


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Brothers in arms... I'm with you... but some gems in the mid 80s, like Eurythmics.
But yeah I'd be a corpse if I hadn't been turned on to funk - and soul - at the end of the 80s...
James Brown yes...Bootsy yes... but to bring balance to the force I give you Joseph Lucky Scott... you know what I'm talking about ;)

Probably Jimi deserves a bit of a mention in the doubling and er... funkfather section;) and er... wah supreme being!


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Been subscribed to Christians channel for a while.

Does this mean VI has finally become too toxic for him?

Another developer chased away from the forum?


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1. Was there something toxic here in the thread? I didn´t read every page though..
2. Did he mention why he left?

Not this thread no, but if you click on his profile you’ll see he hasn’t been to the forum at all for a while.

He didn’t mention why he left but he has mentioned several times on the forum and in his Vlogs that VI has become quite toxic and not a pleasant place to be (which is a sentiment echoed by a lot of people I’ve chatted to outside the forum who also don’t use it any more).


I think part of the problem with a forum where manufacturers meet users and have an open dialog, is that negative comments about a new product can affect potential sales badly, since someone blindly trusts others negative reactions.

This, combined with not posting the not-so-enthusiastic comments in a far-from-polite way will of course be seen as 'toxic' or similar, especially with comments like some of what we saw when their new studio strings was released. It's understandable - but also too bad, if this makes the developers decide no not post here, because I'm sure most, if not all users here really appreciate that Spitfire has been as present here as they have, and wish more companies would follow their example.

Alex Fraser

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Been subscribed to Christians channel for a while.

Does this mean VI has finally become too toxic for him?

Another developer chased away from the forum?
Possibly the forum became a bit toxic. But the conversation in his YouTube video comments is much more active and positive. So I can see why he stopped bothering with VIC.

Geoff Grace

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The funny thing is I've never seen comments more spiteful and venomous than those on YouTube; but of course, the worst ones are usually reserved for political topics.

Regardless, I'm not sure we've seen the last of Christian around these parts. It does seem reasonable, though, to believe that he's been put off by some of the comments about him and his products here and is at least taking a break from the site.

If he leaves for good, I think he's throwing the baby out with the bath water; but then, I lack his perspective, as everyone's perspective is based on their experiences and reactions to those experiences.


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Loïc D

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Or critics aside, he chose to focus on the production of vlogs, soundtracks, libraries, and SA.
And since SA aims at being far more than a sample company, I guess his schedule and priorities leave no room for browsing Vi-C.
And probably for his own sanity too, since binge-reading threads can become quite addictive, not to say obsessive...


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I believe that it's probably a combination of things.
But I wouldn't be surprised if the main one is the time involved.

Think about how much time he must be devoting to creating the content of his YouTube channel (producing videos and answering comments) and then there's Spitfire, his family and just reaping the rewards of having created a successful business.
I wouldn't doubt that he realized that he had to cut back on something and being something on this forum, aside from being a casual participant, was the one to go.

Just a WAG.


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I think Christian's videos not directly about music production techniques are probably the one's I like the most, I just came across this one from a year ago, the part beginning about 4 minutes in made me laugh out loud while listening to it at work with one earphone in. :)

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