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Christian Henson's YouTube Channel - Nighty Night!


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The 95% design (frictionless) is a great point.
And there are an awful lot of designers out there in other fields who might not claim or need to claim that there work is art or artistic... but it still matters... whether it's problem solving, personally satisfying or altruistically satisfying or competitively satisfying. I think it is not possible to argue that art is somehow more valid or worthy than design.

Perhaps there is a problem when makers are forced to design rather than express creatively (if you can find a difference!) (a la temp love) or when design is perceived as art when it is really just problem solving (I'm gonna say it: copy/paste epic).


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I've been subscribed to Christian's channel from the start. The "conversation" at YouTube is a bit different than here. Lots of very good vlogs.


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I really hope this doesn't mean you're gone for good, Christian, but I've been subscribed from the beginning, and look forward to much more.

Thanks for everything you do.
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