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CLOSED Chris Hein Solo Cello EXtended for sale -SOLD


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Hello everyone,I have Chris Hein Solo Cello EXtended version 2.0 , 4 cellos in total for sale if anyone is interested,I am a first time seller here and I am a bit lost,so please be patient with me ,I do have an e-bay shop with 100% good feedback.
I am willing to sell it for £140.
Kind regards.
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Hi there,the item is not on the e-bay shop,the price...I am open to offers,it sells on e-bay for £188 but I am willing to go bellow that.Say arround £150, does it sound fair?
This is my e-bay shop if anyone would like to see it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/the_skyrim_merchant
Kind regards.
I purchased this cello from Ricardo. Just dropping a note to say that the transaction went flawlessly and that comms was great and he was very helpful throughout.

Regards to all.
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