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Chocolate Audio releases Glissando Concert Harp for Kontakt

Simone Coen

Owner of Chocolate Audio
Chocolate Audio is introducing today Glissando Concert Harp: a 47-strings Concert Pedal Harp, released for Kontakt and with a custom Glissando engine, a first for scripted instruments.

  • 3.7 GB of compressed samples content (11.6 GB uncompressed).
  • 8244 samples.
  • 2 microphone sets: Stereo ABwith Schoeps CMC6 mics andMidSide Stereo with Neumann and Royer mics.
  • sampled in full detail: up to 1692 samples per articulation and up to 4 round robin.
  • recorded in a warm mid-size room to widen the potential applications.
  • 20 Articulations.
  • 3 types of release samples.
  • Independent management of the instrument's resonances.
  • warm and precise sound, recorded through Millenniapreamps and Apogee Symphony converters.
  • advanced management thanks to our custom advanced scripting engine.
  • recorded at 24-bit / 96 kHz, released at 24-bit / 44.1 kHz.
Kontakt Features:
  • custom graphics with multi-panel access to every detail of the instrument.
  • 2 playing modes, Harp and Piano.
  • exclusive Glissando engine.
  • manage Pedals like an harpist.
  • easy access to the most used Modes and Chords.
  • build your own Articulation Set.
  • full effects section.
  • expand the sound-scape of the harp with envelopes and filters.
  • very quick startup times, just around 400 MB of preload.
  • intelligent voice management.
  • 26 global factory presets.
  • up to 4 round robins.
  • 39 custom IR reverbs.
  • requires Kontakt 5.5.2 or newer, full version only.
99 USD, with an introductory pricing set at 69 USD (30% off list).

Glissando Concert Harp is available now at www.chocolateaudio.com.


Simone Coen

Simone Coen

Owner of Chocolate Audio
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Hi Simone, sounds gorgeous. How long does the into offer go for?
Hi, it runs until Dec. 18th.

FIY we just updated Glissando Concert Harp to v. 1.5 addressing most of the user-requests here + bug fixes + other features we were already working on:
  • Change Glissando Mode on-the-fly using Black Keys (F#0-G#1)
  • Change Glissando Direction using A#1
  • Optionally Stop/Quit Glissando Mode when releasing MIDI Keys (Glissando Settings)
  • Optionally use a MIDI CC# of your choice to start and stop glissando (Glissando Settings)
  • Set Glissando volume offset (Glissando Settings)
  • maximum speed of glissandos raised
  • Move Pedals via MIDI (C0-B0), now in 2 ways (via Preferences):
  • Programming - Absolut: velocities 1-40 "#", 41-80 "Nat.", 81-127 "b"
  • Performance - Relative Mode (v. 1.0): playing harder than a user-set velocity will move the pedal to a "sharper" position, playing softer will move to a "flatter" position
  • Pedal action on GUI is now reversed like on a real harp (flat > up, sharp > down)
  • Pedal order reflects the one on a real harp (D C B E F G A)
  • Set the level of Pedal noises in the Articulations page and optionally disable them completely
Tonal Centers / Modes - Chords
  • use MIDI CC#74 to set Tonal Centers
  • use MIDI CC#71 to set Modes - Chords
Various bug-fixes
Updated in-line Help

New buyers get v. 1.5 straight away.
Former customers: look for an email in your inbox now.


Simone Coen

Simone Coen

Owner of Chocolate Audio
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there's no tempo sync as of now. We evaluated it, but we decided it was more important to have a belieavable glissando rather than a tempo-forced one. But using the acceleration + start_note-end_note delta time + speed via PitchBend you can basically achieve any tempo, accelaration etc...
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