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Cheesegrater mac is back!


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That's what it really comes down to. I feel you get way better hardware with PC's and many applicable options that are far more affordable. Apple always corners us into buying more hardware then we really need or the wrong hardware or hardware missing expandability or whatever...just to have the luxury of running OSX on it.

That being said, the 5,1 MacPro has been, IMHO the best desktop PC ever made. Its really unfortunate that Apple has deprecated it after only 7 years when its still now perfectly viable, even for power users. that's what apple does though.


Myself I do love OSX enough that I will try a hackintosh before I give up on OSX. But if hackintoshing turns into a problem, I will readily move to windows and run Cubase, S1 or Reaper and not look back. I feel my 5,1 is still perfectly good enough for now, its at least a few years until I really need to worry about it. Maybe Apple will pull their head out between now and then.


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That being said, the 5,1 MacPro has been, IMHO the best desktop PC ever made. Its really unfortunate that Apple has deprecated it after only 7 years when its still now perfectly viable, even for power users. that's what apple does though.
Best machine I've ever owned hands down... I don't think we'll see Apple release a truly common sense desktop like 4,1/5,1 for quite some time...

Even though this machine isn't all-in-one, seems like Apple's overall judgment's still clouded by getting away with selling soldered down all-in-one machines for the past 6 years or so, not to mention them being spoiled by getting away with customers putting up with their obsolescent machines policy...


who can buy?

the answer lies in the big picture. They are getting into services. They are getting into televisión filmaking. They have the number one file deliverable for big entertainment studios which’s is also the same file sent to broadcasters around the world.
Who can buy it? Well, the same guys buying hp z series which costs about the same or more with Xeon processors. Who are editing in avid the top shows.
who can buy it? Every technicolor /deluxe studio that have to make a gazillion files using really expensive encoder machine from digital rapids and amberfin. And they use monitors way more expensive than what they have. And the studio I worked at bought 30 older Mac Pros when they announced the non pcie trashcan. Yep 30 at once to have it because that’s what they used and kept using for 10 years later. $6k-10k is basically about two movie files or about 4 tv episodes In that world and that’s just one day worth of work!
Why sell to those guys? If you see Micheal bay using it then every tv producer will use it. And every studio in Los Angeles will use it and every mastering video studio will use it and ripple into Europe’s high end market. see junkie xl using it loading 265gb of sample in ram then every tv composer will use it.
So this is not for the gaming crowd and guys who buy a bunch of components and make their own big rig. It’s not for composers fretting for budgets and prices. But having pro tools hd and load all that session shown in the keynote is enough for most stages in LA to buy it with the top specs.
we see it from our point of view... sometimes we forgot how massive other industries are. We are way more than comfortable with one of those iMacs and even the new MacBook Pro which already blows my macpro 2009 out the water.
We wish these where less expensive but keep in mind that I have my Mac Pro for over a decade and paid the same. So if you are making money out of your computer, paying $6k with $150 a month payments that’ll take 3-6 years to pay depending on the situation, then it’s not that much. Some cable bills are about that price

I totally agree with what you just said, there is a strong demand and a large market for high-performance machines, even for passionate amateurs like me, for sure.
In my case, I would also end up buying this kind of machine, because I do not want to be slowed in my creativity, it's the price to pay to work in serenity, with an OS that is of exemplary stability .
There is a lot of criticism of Apple, especially from those who work on PCs, and I can understand some of the frustrations.
But it is true, and you're right to point this out, and that's what I also think, investment is not that important, considering the life of a Mac, especially if we spread the purchase price by paying each month, Apples are easier to digest if you reason in this way ! ;)
As far as I'm concerned, mine does not bring me any money, I've had it for almost 9 years now, and it's a faithful work companion that never let me down, despite the big sessions that I gave him subjected to it.
I am grateful every day to the founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, but you had to be American, young, passionate, and a little crazy, to dare to do it, especially at that time, but they managed to impose their visions of what was to be a computer.
I'll be quick to finish saying that they have made life more beautiful for musicians and creative artists ...

PS : This year, I had the chance to go on vacation to the US, and I spent some time to stroll around San José and Los Altos to see the childhood home of Steve Jobs, and this famous garage ... When we think that everything started there, what a great adventure !.
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Given that winter solstice is two weeks on Sunday, they are stretching the definition of "Coming This Autumn". Unless you're one of those who defines winter as starting on the solstice, in which case they have a couple of weeks.
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