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Check the origin of a note event

Hi, scripters!

This is a quick question regarding on note event. Is there a way in a multiscript to check the origin of a note event (keyboard/DAW), or is there at least some sort of workaround for it?

I would be grateful for any response!

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Hi. I made separation of events from daw and keyboard just checking if daw is playing (this mean event is from daw) or not playing ( then event is from keyboard) with $NI_SIGNAL_TRANSP_START and....$NI_SIGNAL_TRANSP_STOP in on listener callback. Hope it helps.


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Event can be from DAW even if transport is not playing (i.e. note preview from piano roll).

Also you didn't have to use the listener callback for that, there's a build in variable called $NI_TRANSPORT_RUNNING which you can query to get the state.
Patrik Herman

Patrik Herman

Yes, I tried $NI_TRANSPORT_RUNNING before, but there were two instances why it didn't work :)
- as mentioned ED, playback from piano roll
- playing on keyboard while transport is running
Patrik Herman

Patrik Herman

Well, by working I meant being able to distinguish a DAW playback from piano :) Using $NI_TRANSPORT_RUNNING variable is not a way to do it (because of the two cases I mentioned before) :)
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