Charlie Clouser & Evil Dragon - an acknowledgement


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Just wanted to acknowledge the generous & detailed contributions of Charlie Clouser and 'Evil Dragon' on this forum, people who embody the site's philosophy of 'musicians helping musicians'. That's all - just something positive to throw out there.


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Excellent post. I once thought how cool it would be if everyone who'd been helped by Evil Dragon pitched in a dollar. We'd be able to buy him a new BMW, and it would be the most deserved BMW ever earned. People like him, who openly share their expertise with others each and every day, probably don't realize the cumulative, profound impact they have on the music industry.


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To share my perspective of someone who never was very active in any music forum and just registered here: I've seen many many helpful posts by Evil Dragon all over the web, when I was looking for answers to my questions. Kudos to you, ED! You're making an impact even beyond the members you can "see" in the communities you're active in.


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I would never have become a happy Reaper user without having read ED's informative posts, both here and on GS. I'll bet there's more than just a few hundred of us.

The people that stick in my head from over the years are the super informed and generous ones like ED and Big Bob who make such a difference to learning. They're like information philanthropists.

So many thanks.


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I got off to a bad start with ED because of my own stupidity in an unfortunate situation. He had every reason to ignore me and yet he has been very helpful and a great guy. Much respect.
Good initiative to get some valuable appreciation for the many good people on the forum which continue to contribute in many ways, also many years before people like myself have joined.

So indeed a token of thanks from my side as well!

And it is impossible to name all, but there are more out here that make helpful continuous contributions like asher, saxer, muk, carles (allthough he is around less) , hannes f, synthpunk, chimuelo, alaxander, paul t mcgraw and so on......... (and let's not forget to mention the enjoyable handmade avatars initiated by chillbot)