Channel Robot release S One - streamlined wave-shaping synth (VST/AU/Stand Alone)


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We here at Channel Robot are very pleased to announce the immediate release of S One a simplified version of our full wave shaping synth Shapiro. S One reduces Shapiro’s 5 oscillators to 2, but still offers a different approach to sound-generation, using it’s oscillators in a matched pair and allowing users to cross-fade between them. Outputs from the oscillator-pair passes through a Wave Shaper, which is controled with an envelope - and on into a dedicated filter section, with a wide range of filter types. The voice output is then passed through the effects section, then through CR's “Drift” analog-tuning emulation engine and into a legato system derived from their work on orchestral ROMplers.

S One allows an unprecedented control over where and when modulation can be applied, many controls have independent Note Velocity and Sample & Hold modulation sources that users can select. Users can use Note Velocity to set the voice volume, set the mix of the oscillators, set the amount of drive into the Wave Shaper and set the Filter Frequency, Sample & Hold can be applied to voice volume, mix, shape amount and filter frequency. Some of these are pretty standard but some are unique and give S One a huge amount of playability and control. Many controls also have a dedicated step-modulator too.

S One comes with an arpeggiator and CR's unique macro-like CC message assignments page. Add to this the over 85 presets (and the presets system) and S One is a comprehensive professional package. The only components missing from Shapiro are the second and sub-voices - everything else is in there.

For windows users S One comes with 64-bit and 32-bit VST plug-ins and 64-bit or 32-bit stand-alone versions. Mac users get VST and AU plug-ins and a stand-alone version. There's an install and set-up guide, a Mac package installer, a Windows Installer and a comprehensive manual.

Available now for only £5.00 from
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VST/AU Developer
Now updated to 1.0.1

- Arp settings no longer need to be saved into a slot to be saved in a preset.
- Clicking on the text "Pitch Offset" in the Arp resets all the pitch offsets to zero (which is fiddly to do manually)

Existing owners just need to go to the download page: re-download then install.